Will Gunda Outlive Google?

I wrote a post few days back about my liking for Hindi movies. I forgot to mention that I have watched some extremely terrible movies…many of them at theatre!

One of such terrible movies I have watched (though not in theatre) is Mithun Chakraborty’s Gunda which released on this day in 1998.

The movie is so bad that it actually is good!

The film was not noticed much when it was released. However some students in IIT Bombay “discovered” this gem few years later (probably in 2005/06) and they used it for ragging! There were many blogs written about the film and soon it went viral! Here is one such review from 2006.

Everybody in the movie, especially the villains (and there are so many of them) talk in poetic manner / limericks.

You may be surprised that IMDb rating of this movie is 7.3/10! It was 8.1 at some point in time!

If you want a quick glimpse of this gem, you can watch this review:

The movie completes 21 years today and it continues to be a cult film! The hallmark of how bad a movie can be.

However there is another interesting aspect which made me write this blog.

On the same day when Gunda was releasing in India, a company was born in the US. And that company was Google! The film which eventually made Gunda so much popular! Yes, Google was founded 21 years ago, on the same day (4th September 1998).

If it wasn’t for Google, a masterpiece like Gunda would not have got its true place in history! As I mentioned earlier, the movie was forgotten when it was released in theaters. It’s but natural. In those days, Mithun was churning out movies like Jalebi. He had delivered 27 flops in a row and was going strong to add few more every year. Gunda was just one among many. So there was no reason for it to get noticed and become a cult film.

However it was because of Google that the film was noticed somewhere (in IIT) and was written about and then become a cult film. Isn’t it then a perfectly filmy coincidence that Gunda and Google came into being on the same day!

This fact was highlighted on Twitter by well known Cricket statistician Joy Bhattacharjya. And the reply to that tweet was just epic!

Gunda will outlive Google! 🙂

It’s amazing line…and epitomizes so many things about us, about India. We (not all, but few) genuinely believe that Gunda is a masterpiece and that it would outlive Google. Just as we believe that ancient Indians had discovered plastic surgery, organ transplant, test tube baby, aeroplane, and so many other things. We had Engineers who built bridges over the sea and we had sage like Chanakya who dealt with Demonetization and Corruption few thousand years ago.

We in the western and northern India often laugh at South India for believing in such comic action movies which defy laws of Physics and laws of nature. We enjoy those movies because we find them laughable. However, south Indians watch them in all sincerity!

The same is true about Hindi movies such as Gunda, and many of our so-called great leaders of today. They are so bad that you just stop repeating how bad they are, and start enjoying their bullshit. You know who/what I am talking about.

A very popular humorist in Marathi, Shri Pu La Deshpande had a character in one of his stories who makes false claims about depth of his reading. He would lie to people that he had read the literary classics – the books which one should have read. And while repeating that lie he himself starts believing that he had actually read those books!

That’s what happens with us – be it nonsense movies, or garbage spread by current “great leaders”. They propagate that perception so often that one starts believing it. And as Richard Feynman once said:

The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.

“Gunda will outlive Google” is a sarcastic hyperbole. And (hopefully) we recognize that. However, do we recognize the other such nonsense uttered by the present leaders? Or are we easily fooled by them?

Because if we are indeed getting fooled, then Gunda may actually outlive Google. In New India, that is a more likely scenario.

As Albert Einstein said: “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”!

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