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30th November 2019

Puzzle of The Day

Very nice puzzle...try it!

Thought of The Day

27th November 2019 रोचते न जवा मे त्वं सर्वप्रिया सुकोमला। पारिजातः परिष्वङ्गे स्याः मन्निशि सुगन्धिता।। I don't like you being a rose that is tender and loved by all. I want you to be a jasmine which blooms only in the night created by my embrace.

Thought of The Day

26th November 2019 श्वः कार्यमद्य कुर्वीत पूर्वाह्णे चापराह्णिकम्। न हि प्रतीक्षते मृत्युः कृतमस्य न वा कृतम्।। — Mahabharat What should be done tomorrow should be done today, & deeds of afternoon in the forenoon. Death does not wait to see whether the acts of its victim have all been done or not.

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