The Value of Superfluous Option

I read this interesting post on LinkedIn: Why giving 3 options is better than giving 2 options? A few weeks back I was to a local juice shop. A girl came and asked for a glass of juice, he gave her a choice of two sizes (INR 40 and INR 50). She asked neither the... Continue Reading →


“Proof of The Pudding Is In Cooking” – Lessons in Marketing via Cooking

“Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember; involve me and I will understand.” — Confucius It was more than three years ago. As part of a cultural event, a Food Festival was arranged on the Football ground opposite to LKP. There were 8-10 food stalls; PGPX were given 2 slots.... Continue Reading →

Basic Laws of Management and Marketing

My Prof at IIM-A once said that every subject in management has its roots in some mother subject. For example, he said, Economics has its roots in Psychology. Finance is a derivative of Economics (Micro-economics, to be precise). HR has its roots in Organizational Behavior, which in turn borrows from Social Science. Operations Management is... Continue Reading →

Statistics is fun!

Statistics (सांख्यिकी) हा विषय बऱ्याच लोकांना त्रास देतो, कारण तो अतिशय रुक्ष आणि कठीण आहे असं बऱ्याच लोकांना वाटतं. दोष त्यांचा नसून तो शिकवणाऱ्या लोकांचा किंवा शिकवण्याच्या पद्धतीचा आहे. खरं तर स्टॅटिस्टिक्स हा application-oriented विषय आहे.   स्टॅटिस्टिक्स चा उद्देशच मुळात अनुमान काढणे आणि त्याप्रमाणे निर्णय घेणे / कृती करणे हा असतो.   statistics stəˈtɪstɪks/ noun... Continue Reading →

Strategy Diamond आणि Arena

मला (दोन) MBA करताना काही concepts, theories, models, frameworks विशेष आवडल्या किंवा relevant वाटल्या. (कदाचित बाकीच्या नीट समजल्या नसतील). त्यातले एक framework म्हणजे The Strategy Diamond. कोणतेही मॉडेल/फ्रेमवर्क जर नुसतं theoretical / पुस्तकी राहिलं तर ते तितकंसं अपील होत नाही आणि लक्षात राहात नाही. पण जर आपल्या आजूबाजूच्या उदाहरणातून ते दिसले तर मात्र ते पक्कं... Continue Reading →

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