My Week-end Is “Book”ed

I wrote in a recent blog post that I have stopped buying books in 2018 since there is a long backlog of unread books. But it seems books chase me as much as I chase them! Today, I received a parcel from a dear friend. And to my surprise it contained a book! Now my... Continue Reading →

On Calendar

Year end is about holidays and New Year wishes. But it is also about Calendars. I don't know about others but I like to "read" new calendar, immediately check few dates or events, festivals! I remember having written a couple of blog posts about Calendar. One, written in 2007, was a light take on Calendar... Continue Reading →

Ancient Indian Wisdom series

I often come across many Sanskrit Shloka, Subhashit, pearls of wisdom which say mostly what modern (Western?) thinkers have said...and much later.Will try to post such stuff in a series/category - "Ancient Indian Wisdom"Here's the first...

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