The Beauty in Chess

I consider myself lucky that I discovered the astonishingly beautiful game of Chess very early in my life. My two cousins played a big role in introducing me to chess and giving me the early support to sustain the learning curve and make it fun! I am not a great player by any yardstick; but... Continue Reading →

GothamChess with Lex Fridman

The latest Chess personality to be on Lex Fridman podcast is GothamChess. GothamChess (not his real name) is a very popular Youtuber and Chess streamer who has 1.67 million subscribers! For a Chess streamer that's a huge number! Lex Fridman had called Magnus Carlsen and Botez Sisters on his podcast. After that GothamChess was his... Continue Reading →

The Queen, Chess and Humour

United Kingdom's Queen Elizabeth - the longest serving Queen passed away last week and he last rites were conducted yesterday. There were long queues and even celebrities such as Beckham had to wait in queue for 10+ hours! There have also been several memes and jokes about Queen's death and Queen's life and related events.... Continue Reading →

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