Chess: Great Defense By Vishy Anand Against Carlsen

Here is the most latest game of Chess between Vishy Anand and Magnus Carlsen, played in Croatia Grand Chess Tour just a couple of days ago. The game ended in a draw after 78 moves and a great defense by Anand. I was amazed by Anand's deep analysis which is explained beautifully in this video.... Continue Reading →


Two Queen Sacrifice Games In Eight Days By Indian Chess Players

Game 1: On 19th June 2019 Indian IM K Ratnakaran sacrificed his queen on move #8 against a much higher rated GM and went on to defeat him. Game 2: On 11th June 2019, GM Murali Karthikeyan sacrificed his queen on move #9 and beat a Grand Master Both games are being compared... Continue Reading →

Chess Puzzle

Black has four pawns on the second rank, three of which are only one move away from promotion. But White has nothing to worry, he has an amazing combination up his sleeve. Can you find it? 🙂 It is WHITE TO MOVE AND WIN Study composed by S.M.Birnov (Chess in U.S.S.R, 1935)

Chess Puzzle

White to play and mate in one move... Note: You'll have to make an assumption and the real creative thinking and solution of the puzzle is in the assumption!

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