A Week Spent Well On Chess And Movie

Last week was a happy week for me because I spent it doing things I like! After a long gap I watched a Grand Master chess tournament - the first GM tournament in Pune which is currently taking place at Balewadi Sports Complex in Pune. Here are few glimpses. It wasn't just watching the chess... Continue Reading →

Chess Update

Since the COVID pandemic broke out there has been many hurdles in the OTB (Over The Board) chess tournaments. However, the online chess has really taken off in a big way! The amazing web series Queen's Gambit which was released soon after the pandemic and lockdown began was a massive boost to Chess. Then came... Continue Reading →

Chess Puzzle

WHITE TO PLAY & MATE IN 17 Is 17 too long? The first 12 moves probably aren't hard to find. However, finding the 5-move finish might require a bit of imagination! 🙂 — Kurt Keller (after Sergeyevich Kakovin), Die Schwalbe 2022

Chess Puzzle By Sam Loyd

Sam Loyd (1841-1911) was a well-known American chess player, chess composer and puzzle author. I had read his book of mathematical puzzles selected by the legendary puzzle composer and columnist Martin Gardner. However I didn't know that his chess puzzles were so great. Sam Loyd studies can be frustrating. This one is not too bad,... Continue Reading →

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