Chess Puzzle

This is an interesting chess puzzle which I found on Twitter I managed to guess the correct answer but not very convincingly

Chess Puzzle

In 1972, Mark Dvoretsky showed this position from a game of his to Mikhail Tal: "Can you imagine? Such a dangerous position, and no winning combination!" Tal replied: "There's no combination?! No way. I quit chess if that's so." Then, in a few seconds, Tal found the pretty win. Can you find the win? White... Continue Reading →

History of Chess Grandmaster

I came across following interesting information about Chess Grandmasters. Don't know if it's true; probably it is. THIS DAY IN CHESS HISTORY: On April 21, 1914 at the start of the St. Petersburg International chess tournament. It was in this tournament the term "grandmasters" were first used. When the preliminaries were concluded the top five... Continue Reading →

Chess Puzzle: Mate In 3

When fabulous Fabiano Caruana praises a Chess puzzle it's got to be great! I saw this chess puzzle posted by Caruana. White to play and mate in 3 moves As part of my weekly Chess time, I decided to try this puzzle. Very quickly I realised that it involved too many complex variations - and... Continue Reading →

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