Chess Puzzle

Black to play... Is it time to resign? Or can Black save the game? Can he win?!


Will Chess Make Its Debut In 2024 Olympics

Just saw this good news on Twitter. If Chess makes it to Olympics, India will have a good chance of winning at least a Bronze. For many years it has been debated if Chess is a Game or a Sport...and if Olympics is only about Sports involving some physical activity. Once Chess is accepted, Bridge... Continue Reading →

Chess Puzzle

White to play and mate in 2 moves This is a slightly artificial position, but not impossible. You can mate in 2 moves with certain assumption...

Chess: Goal in Life

One of my goals in life is to cross and maintain FIDE rating of 2100. Hopefully reach 2000 rating by 2022. Well, it's more of a dream and not a goal yet; because I don't have a plan to achieve it. "Dream is nothing but a goal without deadline or a plan." However, I am... Continue Reading →

World Chess Championship Begins Today

World Chess Championship begins today! This is the first time when world rates #1 (current champion, Carlsen) and rated #2 (challenger, Caruana) are just 3 points close. Also, this is the first time when both player are rates above 2800. And lastly, this is the first time since Bobby Fischer (1972) that an American... Continue Reading →

Chess Puzzle

For all the chess masters out there, can you solve this puzzle? The pieces move just like in chess and every move you make has to take another piece until only one is left standing. Which piece is the last one left, and where?

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