Must Read Books to Become A Better Chess Player – by IM Saravanan

Few weeks back I came across this long and detailed interview "Must read books to become a better chess player" - by IM Saravanan Really enjoyed the interview and his passion and enthusiasm...also picked up few book ideas. Today I saw the second part of this fact I am watching it now as... Continue Reading →


Chess: Shedding New Light on Deepmind’s AlphaZero

I wrote a blog post exactly 1 year ago on AlphaZero's breakthrough win against Stockfish.   Today I came across a detailed peer-reviewed research article on AlphaZero published in Science Magazine. It talks about evolution of AlphaZero. Here is the article: AlphaZero: Shedding new light on the grand games of chess, shogi and Go Here is... Continue Reading →

World Chess Championship Begins Today

World Chess Championship begins today! This is the first time when world rates #1 (current champion, Carlsen) and rated #2 (challenger, Caruana) are just 3 points close. Also, this is the first time when both player are rates above 2800. And lastly, this is the first time since Bobby Fischer (1972) that an American... Continue Reading →

Chess Puzzle

For all the chess masters out there, can you solve this puzzle? The pieces move just like in chess and every move you make has to take another piece until only one is left standing. Which piece is the last one left, and where?

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