Thugs of Hindostan, Sunk Cost and Behavioral Economics/ Finance

Much anticipated Hindi movie "Thugs of Hindostan" has released today across the world. Based on Philip Meadows Taylor's 1839 novel Confessions of a Thug, the movie tells us about a thug named Ameer Ali and his gang, whose nefarious ways posed a serious challenge to the British Empire in India between 1790 and 1805. The... Continue Reading →


Latest Song by Lata Mangeshkar

I received this message and the song on WhatsApp group. The latest song of Lata Mangeshkar. Sung whilst nearing her 89th birthday. It's in Marathi and is about how she is resting now and reminiscing about the past and hoping she will have same known faces near her, in her next birth, as near and... Continue Reading →

Food for Thought

To quote Mirza Ghalib: कुछ इस तरह मैंने ज़िन्दगी को आसान कर लिया, किसी से मांग ली माफ़ी, किसी को माफ़ कर दिया… - मिर्ज़ा ग़ालिब

A Woman’s Dilemma

‘A Woman's Dilemma’ It's 8.30 AM The maid has not arrived. The breakfast is not ready, And I have tiffins to fill. The laundry heap increases, The groceries need refill. The elder one has homework, The younger one's still sleeping. There's no egg in the fridge, The milk just spills over. I have a conference... Continue Reading →

Songs based on Raag Puriya Dhanashree

There have been some really great songs in Marathi movies in last 4-5 years. All songs of Sairat, Katyar Kaljat Ghusali were simply amazing! But there have been many other Marathi movies which had some melodious songs. One of them is "Chand Matala Chand Matala..." from movie Laal Ishq (produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali), composed... Continue Reading →

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