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For all Hindi movie songs buffs

You will like this if you are a Hindi movie songs buffs…

7 Songs with similar Tune 🎼…but based on different ragas (that’s what a friend told me. I have no knowledge to confirm it)…That’s the beauty of our film music.

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Zakir Hussain at Google Talks

Excellent interview…!

Good Read: O. Henry in Hindi Cinema


I have read O Henry’s short stories (lost the book to some “friend” – who collected the book and never showed up. Sadly, this has happened with so many of my books – and friends ). And I always felt that many of his stories could be made into movies. Just got to know that many have been!

Here is a good blog on Hindi movies based on stories written by O Henry. I knew about Lootera and Raincoat. But good to know there are several others.

O Henry in Hindi Cinema – blog by Pankaj Sachdeva

If you are a Hindi movie buff (as I am), you will enjoy Pankaj’s blog






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