मकरसंक्रांतीची आठवण…

मकरसंक्रांती आणि गणेश उत्सव या दोन्ही सणांच्या माझ्या आठवणी, अनुभव विशेष चांगले नाहीत.  आज माझे आजोबा गेले त्याला ३० वर्षे झाली.  आज मी एक महत्वपूर्ण निर्णय घेतला. काही विशिष्ट अपेक्षा आणि मागण्या सोडून देण्याचा.  आता लक्ष कमावण्यावर/मिळवण्यावर केंद्रीत करणार...! आजपासून २ वर्षांचा ध्यास/प्रवास सुरु... 

Reciprocation And Birthday Gift

One of my favourite books is Robert Cialdini's "Influence". I had read the book few years ago on my Kindle (which I lost a couple of years ago 🥲). However, last week someone gifted me hard copy of the book as birthday present. I had just started re-reading the book and was on the second... Continue Reading →

A Week Spent Well On Chess And Movie

Last week was a happy week for me because I spent it doing things I like! After a long gap I watched a Grand Master chess tournament - the first GM tournament in Pune which is currently taking place at Balewadi Sports Complex in Pune. Here are few glimpses. It wasn't just watching the chess... Continue Reading →

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