Car vs Motorcycle vs Jet: My Advice On Career Progression

A few months ago I wrote a blog about career tips which was written as a contribution to the organisational marketing initiative. However, I had also conducted a session 4 years ago in my organisation about career guidance/advice for youngsters. I remembered that today while talking to a friend about the same topic and thought... Continue Reading →

Reciprocation And Birthday Gift

One of my favourite books is Robert Cialdini's "Influence". I had read the book few years ago on my Kindle (which I lost a couple of years ago 🥲). However, last week someone gifted me hard copy of the book as birthday present. I had just started re-reading the book and was on the second... Continue Reading →

A Week Spent Well On Chess And Movie

Last week was a happy week for me because I spent it doing things I like! After a long gap I watched a Grand Master chess tournament - the first GM tournament in Pune which is currently taking place at Balewadi Sports Complex in Pune. Here are few glimpses. It wasn't just watching the chess... Continue Reading →

Dark Desire 2 And Deep Desire in Dreams

Few weeks ago I wrote about Spanish erotic thriller web-series on Netflix called Dark Desire. The web series is an average one-time watch (Rating: 6.5/10). But I really liked the female lead Maite Perroni and hence when the Season 2 came up recently, I decided to watch. I just finished watching the Season 2 and... Continue Reading →

Rejuvenated and Inspired

I am back from a short 3-4 days of vacation. It was a much needed break to rejuvenate myself and get inspired and recharged for the rest of the year. In fact it has been a great 1 week since Valentine's Day to unwind, chuck away the routine schedule and spend some quality time with... Continue Reading →

My Career Tips

Recently I was asked by my Corporate Communications and Branding team to write a post on Career Tips. The post was part of the weekly Leadership Connect series on LinkedIn and followed a specific template. It was published on LinkedIn on last Friday and I just got the analytics for the same for the first... Continue Reading →

Wordle And Structured Curiosity

If you are on any social media, in particular Twitter, you would have a lot of messages about the new craze/fad called Wordle. It's a word game created by a software engineer for his partner. Interestingly, the name of the person is John Wardle - so Wordle is (also) a wordplay on his name. I... Continue Reading →

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