Thought of The Day

20th March 2019 God, let me accept the things I cant change, courage to change things I can & the wisdom to know the difference.


Just for Fun: Anil vs Mukesh – The Marathi Version

Today's breaking news is that Billionaire-turned-Millionaire business boy Anil Ambani was rescued by his elder brother and Asia's wealthiest person Mukesh Ambani. Anil Ambani's net worth is about $300 million, compared with at least $31 billion in 2008. That marks a stunning fall down wealth rankings in stark contrast to success of his elder brother... Continue Reading →

Once In A Blue Moon…

What is the meaning of "Once in a Blue Moon"? 🤔 A Blue Moon 🌑 refers to the second of two full moons 🌕 to fall within a single calendar month. According to Google the frequency of a blue moon is f=1.167×10-8 hertz thus converting to years: Once in Blue Moon 🌑 ~= 2.7 years

Day 1: 7 Books I Love

I am going to cheat a bit. Instead of "a book a day" I am going to post "a category of books". ☺️😎🙏 I tried finding ONE book per day but couldn't. In fact even category of books is a difficult and insufficient choice. Anyways...will go ahead with "Category of Books"... Day 1: Books on... Continue Reading →

First Step Towards APEx

I like teaching. Because I like learning. Nothing gets your concepts/ideas clear as much as when you teach them. A lot of prominent thinkers have said many things on this. And so on...hope you got the gist! So I wanted to start something on my own in the field of teaching and also continue learning.... Continue Reading →

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