Generation Gap Or Matter of Perspective?

I received the following image with caption "Generation Gap". It looks like a temple in Maharashtra. There is a young man on the left who is sitting alone and looking into his mobile, and there is a group of elderly people on the right chatting. The caption suggests that old generation is (still) not addicted... Continue Reading →


Chess Puzzle

Rinck, 1926 White to move and win!

India: On The Path Of Becoming Hindu Taliban

If you care for a secular, democratic India, do watch this interview about NRC Assam: After having watched the interview, now read this news in that context: At RSS mega meet, concerns over Hindus being left out of NRC: Sources India is being slowly converted into a Hindu Taliban. It's still the beginning... Continue Reading →

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

I like Ganesha/ Ganapati. It's very interesting concept as well as form. However I do not like Ganesh Festival for personal reasons, bad memories of the festival. Many of my darkest life events and experiences have been on or around Ganesh Chaturthi. Hope that changes some day...

Math Is Fun…

Math is fun... Don't believe? Check this...hope you enjoy it! How much is: 230 - 220 x 0.5 = ? ... ... ... ... ... ... You would be amazed that answer is just 5!

RIP Sushma Swaraj…

Yesterday (6th Aug 2019) was supposed to be a historic day for India. And it was...! Abrogation of Article 370 Bill was passed in Lok Sabha yesterday. It was passed in Rajya Sabha on 5th Aug. The decision was very controversial and a long pending one. Just looking at the news paper clippings from India... Continue Reading →

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