Wordle And Structured Curiosity

If you are on any social media, in particular Twitter, you would have a lot of messages about the new craze/fad called Wordle. It's a word game created by a software engineer for his partner. Interestingly, the name of the person is John Wardle - so Wordle is (also) a wordplay on his name. I... Continue Reading →

Task List for 2019

Last year I vowed NOT to have New Year resolutions. And at the end of the year I am happy that it did not deter me from the things I wanted to do during the year. In fact, I did much better this year on my goals than I did when I set some new... Continue Reading →

On Graphology – Part 2

I got a couple of quick comments for my earlier post on Graphology so let me elaborate on that further... About my apprehensions about this 'science' called Graphology:1. A person's signature/ handwriting keeps on changing over the years - does that mean that his nature/ personality too keeps of changing? In case of changes in... Continue Reading →

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