Task List for 2019

Last year I vowed NOT to have New Year resolutions. And at the end of the year I am happy that it did not deter me from the things I wanted to do during the year. In fact, I did much better this year on my goals than I did when I set some new year’s resolutions.

I worked on or pursued many ad-hoc things during the year (which I didn’t see happening before 2018), and some of them have given me some new dreams, new goals!

So the easy and productive way that worked for me is to start with a Task List (To Do List or To Be List) and work with it as a dynamic list, with regular reviews and updates, as necessary.

The grass is always greener on the other side is passé (and sometimes true). But think about this:

This is true of your goals/aspirations, and relationships. You invest time/money/effort/mind-space in your goals/aspirations, relationships – water them – to make them green, lush green. You can’t always yearn for a ready-made green grass on the other side and grudge that you should have been there.

I have my own green shoots. I want to water them, make them greener. Maybe I’ll miss on a vast green turn somewhere else, but I would at least
be satisfied that I made my yard greener…

I have prepared a list of 11 tasks for 2019. Want work on those tasks during the year and make sincere and best effort…that’s what I can and should do!

I don’t know why, but 2019 seems to be a crucial year for me. Not that it would catapult me to some higher strata, but the vision and road ahead is much more clear now. I feel positive, optimistic, at peace with myself, and rejuvenated!

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