Sex/Life, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam and Dark Desire

Few months back I had watched a romantic (actually erotic) drama on Netflix called “Sex/Life”. It’s rated one of the top 5 adult web series on Netflix. I watched it again recently with spouse, and that’s when I could actually focus on the overall plot and found that it was much similar to Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam or “HDDCS” (if you ignore the numerous sex scenes in the web series – well, actually, you cannot ignore, they are too good! So let’s say after you have watched the sex scenes and then got into your senses to focus on the plot).

First similarity is that the story revolves around the main female character (“Aishwarya”) who is now happily (or seemingly so) married to a nice guy (“Ajay Devgan”) who is a perfect and devoted husband. Then there is also the love interest (“Salman Khan”) of the female lead, who is shown as a flamboyant and charismatic handsome guy. That’s her past and in spite of marrying “Ajay” she cannot get over “Salman”.

Similar to HDDCS, the husband meets the past lover when he learns that his wife was madly in love with her. In HDDCS he actually takes her to hand over to the lover. The journey and the time they spend together on that journey transforms her and she realises that “Her lover taught her how to love. But her husband taught her how to fulfil the commitment and perform his role as a spouse”. With that realisation, she changes her mind when she actually meets her ex-lover and again leaves him for his husband. That was how HDDCS ended.

That’s where Sex/Life differs. It was a surprise to me! In the web series, the female lead realises how loving, devoted and reliable her husband is (just like HDDCS). And how much she needs him and her kids. So she decides to stay back (again, just like HDDCS). However, the final twist comes in the fag end, when she thinks that why can’t she have both of them? Why can’t she have her lover for the other pleasures she liked so much, and she missed so much now. And she returns to her lover!

Quite bold and much like the Western culture! Somehow I liked this ending more than the traditional ending of HDDCS. She really loved her ex-lover. She liked and respected her husband, but he wasn’t good enough for fulfilling her desires. She and her husband both knew that. Given all that, she decided to have a working balance to have both sex and life! Really interesting take! The female lead is not particularly beautiful, but she is superhot! And bold! So I quite enjoyed the web series!

Few weeks later I watched another bold thriller (again, erotic – and one of the top 5 adult web series on Netflix) called Dark Desire. It’s a Spanish drama/thriller based in Mexico with a riveting story and some great performances! Just like Sex/Life there are plenty of sex scenes and they are just too good! I’m in love of the main female lead Maite Perroni. Immediately after this I also watched her other web series The Game of Keys on Amazon Prime.

Dark Desire starts off really well! However, the web series is stretched far too much. There are 18 episodes in Season 1 (the Season 2 is announced but not yet out). The end is too far fetched, just to create space for another Season. It would have been better if they had ended it in a logical manner and maybe in much crisper way. However, overall, I still enjoyed the web series, because I like thriller/mystery genre and there are very few shows/movies in this genre which are really good.

The other reason for liking the web series is of course Maite Perroni! I won’t say much…watch her to understand why I say so! 🙂

P.S: Do watch both with your spouse. Don’t watch with your kid(s), or parents!

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