More on Wordle – Part 2

I wrote "More on Wordle" few weeks back where I shared many interesting formats of Wordle. And I thought that was it. There was nothing more to be explored or improvised in this format. I was wrong - partially. Yesterday I came across a map variant of Wordle which I found very interesting and hence... Continue Reading →

Thought of The Day

29th March 2022 KOBE BRYANT’S 10 RULES Get better every single dayProve them wrongWork on your weaknessesExecute what you practicedLearn from greatnessLearn from wins and lossesPractice mindfulnessBe ambitiousBelieve in your teamLearn storytelling

अर्थतज्ञ डॉ. अनिल लांबा यांच्या मुलाखती…

डॉ. अनिल लांबा हे एक सुप्रसिद्ध अर्थतज्ज्ञ आहेत. त्यांचे Romancing The Balance Sheet हे पुस्तक मी खूप पूर्वी, म्हणजे साधारण २००२-२००४ या काळात वाचले होते. त्याच नावाचा त्यांचा एक workshop/seminar ही आहे, पण तो अतिशय महाग आहे (रुपये ५०,००० ते रुपये १ लाख). त्यामानाने रुपये ५००-७०० चे पुस्तक जास्त चांगले असे वाटेल. पण ते पूर्णपणे... Continue Reading →

Dark Desire 2 And Deep Desire in Dreams

Few weeks ago I wrote about Spanish erotic thriller web-series on Netflix called Dark Desire. The web series is an average one-time watch (Rating: 6.5/10). But I really liked the female lead Maite Perroni and hence when the Season 2 came up recently, I decided to watch. I just finished watching the Season 2 and... Continue Reading →

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