Dark Desire 2 And Deep Desire in Dreams

Few weeks ago I wrote about Spanish erotic thriller web-series on Netflix called Dark Desire. The web series is an average one-time watch (Rating: 6.5/10). But I really liked the female lead Maite Perroni and hence when the Season 2 came up recently, I decided to watch.

I just finished watching the Season 2 and I have a mixed feeling about it. Season 1 was much better in terms of story/screenplay. This one seems stretched and made-up just to capitalise on the success of the second. The weakest link is that the “mystery” that is revealed in the last episode is a total turn-off. Huge letdown…! However it’s also riveting because of individual performances, even more steamy scenes and a good thriller (till the last episode). Of late I haven’t found any good contents, so this one was good enough because of lack of choices.

However, a peculiar thing happened as I finished the web series and slept. I had a dream. It was about my estranged friend who apparently has blocked me now and not been in touch for almost 9-12 months. I was reminded of her while watching Dark Desire 2. I watched the 15-16 part web series over a period of 6-7 days (~2 episodes per day). As I progressed through the web series I kept on remembering her. And finally as the web series ended, and I was about to sleep, I was engrossed in our fond memories and great time spent during 2011-12. Once again the wounds that were almost healed were opened. The scars came alive. As John Green had said: “It hurt because it mattered”. It is said that reason to hate are remembered better than reasons to love. But that’s not always true. When you remember the good period, great moments, the hate or bitter memories are overwhelmed by the love for the person, the idea of having that person in your life. I also happened to visit in the evening a place in the area near her home. I went there, probably after 8-10 months. So again, a flood of memories and emotions came gushing as I moved through each corner, each turn in the road which had so many memories littered along the way.

So when I slept with these thoughts, I had a dream. My friend sent me a one-liner message on WhatsApp and said that she was going through difficult period. I was first surprised because she had blocked me. I was also happy that she chose to reach out to me and felt close enough to share her problems after a long hiatus. As usual I was guarded in my response, not willing to be insulted again. I actually didn’t reply immediately, and decided that I would reply to her message in the morning when it’s appropriate to chat. And then the dream faded with me contemplating what she would be going through and whether I did a mistake by not replying to her immediately.

When I woke up today morning, I remembered that dream and smiled. Nothing has changed in the real life. It was all in my mind. It was the effect of watching Dark Desire 2 over a few days, remembering her for a few days and the overhang of going to her area in the evening. It’s all illusion. The harsh reality is that it’s all over. So why does it happen? Or how long will it happen? How do I overcome it? Or should I?

In my case Time does not heal things. It’s not based on how many days/months/years have gone in between. It’s based on what’s happening in my head. Whether I have moved on or not. Even if I have moved on, is there a deep rooted connection which is still active and throbbing. I think that connection is not going to die soon. It’ll keep coming back till the time my memory serves well. There is no point in suppressing that. It’s up to me how to cope up with those memories and act or react. This realisation is a big thing that has happened to me in last 1 year! I’m not running from the memories now…

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