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April 2017

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Two thoughts on Distance…

Distance sometimes lets you know who’s worth keeping and who’s worth letting go.

Distance means so little, when someone means so much.

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World History in 60 minutes by Balaji Viswanathan [World’s Top Quora Writer]

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World History in 60 minutes by Balaji Viswanathan [World’s Top Quora Writer]


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Thought for the day…

“Distance doesn’t separate people … silence does.”

I am looking forward to few challenging stuff I am doing, or about to start. No time or enthusiasm for looking back and revisiting sad, disturbing memories – no one misses the insults and abuse. I have had my share (more than adequate). So now I have moved on to a parallel universe. Not better or worse – just completely different…

So let’s stay focused; stay motivated and…stay away!


RIP Common Sense

Received this as forward…good read!

An Obituary printed in the London Times…..Absolutely Dead Brilliant!!
Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, “Common Sense”, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as: 

– Knowing when to come in out of the rain; 

– Why the early bird gets the worm; 

– Life isn’t always fair; 

– And maybe it was my fault.
Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don’t spend more than you can earn) and reliable strategies (adults, not children, are in charge).
His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a 6-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition.
Common Sense lost ground when parents attacked teachers for doing the job that they themselves had failed to do in disciplining their unruly children. It declined even further when schools were required to get parental consent to administer sun lotion or an aspirin to a student; but could not inform parents when a student became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion.
Common Sense lost the will to live as the churches became businesses; and criminals received better treatment than their victims.
Common Sense took a beating when you couldn’t defend yourself from a burglar in your own home and the burglar could sue you for assault.
Common Sense finally gave up the will to live, after a woman failed to realize that a steaming cup of coffee was hot. She spilled a little in her lap, and was promptly awarded a huge settlement.
Common Sense was preceded in death, by –

his parents, Truth and Trust,

his wife, Discretion,

his daughter, Responsibility,

his son, Reason.
He is survived by his 5 step brothers; 

– I Know My Rights 

– I Want It Now 

– Someone Else Is To Blame 

– I’m A Victim

– Pay me for Doing Nothing
Not many attended his funeral because so few realized he was gone. 

If you still remember him, pass this on. If not, join the majority and do nothing.


राम नवमी

राम नवमी निमित्त आमच्या घराच्या राममंदिराचा फोटो (२०१० मधला) शेअर करत आहे.


॥ श्रीरामरक्षास्तोत्रम्‌ ॥


श्रीगणेशायनम: ।

अस्य श्रीरामरक्षास्तोत्रमन्त्रस्य ।

बुधकौशिक ऋषि: ।

श्रीसीतारामचंद्रोदेवता ।

अनुष्टुप्‌ छन्द: । सीता शक्ति: ।

श्रीमद्‌हनुमान्‌ कीलकम्‌ ।

श्रीसीतारामचंद्रप्रीत्यर्थे जपे विनियोग: ॥


॥ अथ ध्यानम्‌ ॥

ध्यायेदाजानुबाहुं धृतशरधनुषं बद्दद्पद्‌मासनस्थं ।

पीतं वासोवसानं नवकमलदलस्पर्धिनेत्रं प्रसन्नम्‌ ॥

वामाङ्‌कारूढसीता मुखकमलमिलल्लोचनं नीरदाभं ।

नानालङ्‌कारदीप्तं दधतमुरुजटामण्डनं रामचंद्रम्‌ ॥


॥ इति ध्यानम्‌ ॥


चरितं रघुनाथस्य शतकोटिप्रविस्तरम्‌ ।

एकैकमक्षरं पुंसां महापातकनाशनम्‌ ॥१॥


ध्यात्वा नीलोत्पलश्यामं रामं राजीवलोचनम्‌ ।

जानकीलक्ष्मणॊपेतं जटामुकुटमण्डितम्‌ ॥२॥


सासितूणधनुर्बाणपाणिं नक्तं चरान्तकम्‌ ।

स्वलीलया जगत्त्रातुमाविर्भूतमजं विभुम्‌ ॥३॥


रामरक्षां पठॆत्प्राज्ञ: पापघ्नीं सर्वकामदाम्‌ ।

शिरो मे राघव: पातु भालं दशरथात्मज: ॥४॥


कौसल्येयो दृशौ पातु विश्वामित्रप्रिय: श्रुती ।

घ्राणं पातु मखत्राता मुखं सौमित्रिवत्सल: ॥५॥


जिव्हां विद्दानिधि: पातु कण्ठं भरतवंदित: ।

स्कन्धौ दिव्यायुध: पातु भुजौ भग्नेशकार्मुक: ॥६॥


करौ सीतपति: पातु हृदयं जामदग्न्यजित्‌ ।

मध्यं पातु खरध्वंसी नाभिं जाम्बवदाश्रय: ॥७॥


सुग्रीवेश: कटी पातु सक्थिनी हनुमत्प्रभु: ।

ऊरू रघुत्तम: पातु रक्ष:कुलविनाशकृत्‌ ॥८॥


जानुनी सेतुकृत्पातु जङ्‌घे दशमुखान्तक: ।

पादौ बिभीषणश्रीद: पातु रामोSखिलं वपु: ॥९॥


एतां रामबलोपेतां रक्षां य: सुकृती पठॆत्‌ ।

स चिरायु: सुखी पुत्री विजयी विनयी भवेत्‌ ॥१०॥


पातालभूतलव्योम चारिणश्छद्‌मचारिण: ।

न द्र्ष्टुमपि शक्तास्ते रक्षितं रामनामभि: ॥११॥


रामेति रामभद्रेति रामचंद्रेति वा स्मरन्‌ ।

नरो न लिप्यते पापै भुक्तिं मुक्तिं च विन्दति ॥१२॥


जगज्जेत्रैकमन्त्रेण रामनाम्नाभिरक्षितम्‌ ।

य: कण्ठे धारयेत्तस्य करस्था: सर्वसिद्द्दय: ॥१३॥


वज्रपंजरनामेदं यो रामकवचं स्मरेत्‌ ।

अव्याहताज्ञ: सर्वत्र लभते जयमंगलम्‌ ॥१४॥


आदिष्टवान्यथा स्वप्ने रामरक्षामिमां हर: ।

तथा लिखितवान्‌ प्रात: प्रबुद्धो बुधकौशिक: ॥१५॥


आराम: कल्पवृक्षाणां विराम: सकलापदाम्‌ ।

अभिरामस्त्रिलोकानां राम: श्रीमान्‌ स न: प्रभु: ॥१६॥


तरुणौ रूपसंपन्नौ सुकुमारौ महाबलौ ।

पुण्डरीकविशालाक्षौ चीरकृष्णाजिनाम्बरौ ॥१७॥

जो युवा,सुन्दर, सुकुमार,महाबली और कमल (पुण्डरीक) के समान विशाल नेत्रों वाले हैं, मुनियों की तरह वस्त्र एवं काले मृग का चर्म धारण करते हैं |


फलमूलशिनौ दान्तौ तापसौ ब्रह्मचारिणौ ।

पुत्रौ दशरथस्यैतौ भ्रातरौ रामलक्ष्मणौ ॥१८॥


शरण्यौ सर्वसत्वानां श्रेष्ठौ सर्वधनुष्मताम्‌ ।

रक्ष:कुलनिहन्तारौ त्रायेतां नो रघुत्तमौ ॥१९॥


आत्तसज्जधनुषा विषुस्पृशा वक्षया शुगनिषङ्‌ग सङि‌गनौ ।

रक्षणाय मम रामलक्ष्मणा वग्रत: पथि सदैव गच्छताम्‌ ॥२०॥


संनद्ध: कवची खड्‌गी चापबाणधरो युवा ।

गच्छन्‌मनोरथोSस्माकं राम: पातु सलक्ष्मण: ॥२१॥


रामो दाशरथि: शूरो लक्ष्मणानुचरो बली ।


वेदान्तवेद्यो यज्ञेश: पुराणपुरुषोत्तम: ।

जानकीवल्लभ: श्रीमानप्रमेय पराक्रम: ॥२३॥
इत्येतानि जपेन्नित्यं मद्‌भक्त: श्रद्धयान्वित: ।

अश्वमेधाधिकं पुण्यं संप्राप्नोति न संशय: ॥२४॥
रामं दूर्वादलश्यामं पद्‌माक्षं पीतवाससम्‌ ।

स्तुवन्ति नामभिर्दिव्यैर्न ते संसारिणो नर: ॥२५॥

रामं लक्शमण पूर्वजं रघुवरं सीतापतिं सुंदरम्‌ ।

काकुत्स्थं करुणार्णवं गुणनिधिं विप्रप्रियं धार्मिकम्‌

राजेन्द्रं सत्यसंधं दशरथनयं श्यामलं शान्तमूर्तिम्‌ ।

वन्दे लोकभिरामं रघुकुलतिलकं राघवं रावणारिम्‌ ॥२६॥
रामाय रामभद्राय रामचंद्राय वेधसे ।

रघुनाथाय नाथाय सीताया: पतये नम: ॥२७॥
श्रीराम राम रघुनन्दन राम राम ।

श्रीराम राम भरताग्रज राम राम ।

श्रीराम राम रणकर्कश राम राम ।

श्रीराम राम शरणं भव राम राम ॥२८॥

श्रीरामचन्द्रचरणौ मनसा स्मरामि ।

श्रीरामचन्द्रचरणौ वचसा गृणामि ।

श्रीरामचन्द्रचरणौ शिरसा नमामि ।

श्रीरामचन्द्रचरणौ शरणं प्रपद्ये ॥२९॥
माता रामो मत्पिता रामचंन्द्र: ।

स्वामी रामो मत्सखा रामचंद्र: ।

सर्वस्वं मे रामचन्द्रो दयालु ।

नान्यं जाने नैव जाने न जाने ॥३०॥

दक्षिणे लक्ष्मणो यस्य वामे तु जनकात्मजा ।

पुरतो मारुतिर्यस्य तं वन्दे रघुनंदनम्‌ ॥३१॥
लोकाभिरामं रनरङ्‌गधीरं राजीवनेत्रं रघुवंशनाथम्‌ ।

कारुण्यरूपं करुणाकरंतं श्रीरामचंद्रं शरणं प्रपद्ये ॥३२॥
मनोजवं मारुततुल्यवेगं जितेन्द्रियं बुद्धिमतां वरिष्ठम्‌ ।

वातात्मजं वानरयूथमुख्यं श्रीरामदूतं शरणं प्रपद्ये ॥३३॥
कूजन्तं रामरामेति मधुरं मधुराक्षरम्‌ ।

आरुह्य कविताशाखां वन्दे वाल्मीकिकोकिलम्‌ ॥३४॥


आपदामपहर्तारं दातारं सर्वसंपदाम्‌ ।

लोकाभिरामं श्रीरामं भूयो भूयो नमाम्यहम्‌ ॥३५॥

भर्जनं भवबीजानामर्जनं सुखसंपदाम्‌ ।

तर्जनं यमदूतानां रामरामेति गर्जनम्‌ ॥३६॥


रामो राजमणि: सदा विजयते रामं रमेशं भजे ।

रामेणाभिहता निशाचरचमू रामाय तस्मै नम: ।

रामान्नास्ति परायणं परतरं रामस्य दासोSस्म्यहम्‌ ।

रामे चित्तलय: सदा भवतु मे भो राम मामुद्धर ॥३७॥


राम रामेति रामेति रमे रामे मनोरमे ।

सहस्रनाम तत्तुल्यं रामनाम वरानने ॥३८॥


इति श्रीबुधकौशिकविरचितं श्रीरामरक्षास्तोत्रं संपूर्णम्‌ ॥


॥ श्री सीतारामचंद्रार्पणमस्तु ॥


3rd April…

“I would never do anything like that to you.”

— People that will eventually do something like that to you

“Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.”

— Yoda, “Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith”

असो… on a different note, I read an interesting Sanskrit Subhashita and thought of sharing it here:

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
अमन्त्रम् अक्षरं नास्ति नास्ति मूलमनौषधम् ।
अयोग्यः पुरुषो नास्ति योजकस्तत्र दुर्लभः ।।

amantramakSharaM naasti naasti mUlamanouShadham |
ayogyaH puruSho naasti yojakastatra durlabhaH ||

Meaning of the subhAShita:

There is not a syllable which is not a spell; there is not a plant that is not a medicine; there is no person who is useless… only, the harnesser is hard to find!

Every sound, every syllable has an innate energy in it and we absolutely have to respect the ‘shabda brahma’ (cosmic energy of sound). Every word pronounced, has the strength to inflict changes in life.

Every sprig of grass or leaf that ever grew has a medicinal value!

Similarly, no being that is born is deemed futile.

When God made the world, He made every single thing, that beings might need under any circumstance. At the same time, He did not make anything that was useless either. He made the entire creation and there wasn’t an ounce of ‘garbage’ (so as to say) generated!

Only scarcity is of the harnesser, an employer, a contriver.

When the sounds are learnt, a person should know how to put them together to speak nice words and not inflict pain to others. One should be very cautious about what he says. Many a times, the harsh words are forgotten by the afflictor but remain forever in the mind of the afflicted… it rarely misses the target and then some. (Spoken words and sped arrows can never be taken back.)

Herbs and plants are remedies to all kinds of health issues. But even Hanumaan himself, couldn’t find the right herb and ended up bringing the whole ‘sanjIvini mountain’ in order to save time! A person with the knowledge (vaidya suSheNa, the doctor) to use the right herb for the right problem, is hard to find.

Similarly, no creature or human being is a waste of space. Only, the person tapping into his strengths and putting them to use, is hard to find!

Like they say – ‘appendix’ is an organ for which mankind hasn’t found a use yet! None the less, it is there for a purpose. We just haven’t discovered it’s usefulness yet…
Let’s respect every person we come across and value every creation as God’s gift to us.


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