Systems Thinking Speech by Dr. Russell Ackoff

I have developed interest in a couple of new subjects in last 4-5 years and have been trying to read/know more about them. One of them is Game Theory and the other is Systems Thinking. I read a very interesting book 3-4 years ago by Fritjof Capra titled "The Systems View of Life - A... Continue Reading →

Human Body As Factory

Old illustration of the "Human Body as Factory." (Note the "Managing Director's office in the brain.) Magnified at right. From "The World of Wonder," edited by Charles Ray, c 1932. Source: Twitter


I came across this lovely of the few times when WhatsApp throws something worth reading. The heartthrob of the school, is a man grim and somber. That lanky little girl, is now a weightlifter. The topper of the class, is a happy homemaker. Back bencher of the lot, is an entrepreneur. The flamboyant fashionista,... Continue Reading →

On Hemachandra Numbers

I received few responses on this post and what it meant. So here is a post elaborating on that. Petals of certain flowers are often found in Fibonacci series formation. In this case there were 8, which is a Fibonacci series number (1,1,2,3,5,8...) You can read more about occurrence of this series in nature/flowers here.... Continue Reading →

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