On World Photography Day

Today is World Photography Day. I recently wrote in a blog that I am not particularly fond of celebrating such days, and yet I keep on blogging about them...yes, those who know me would know: I am full of contradictions. So...I read somewhere that today is World Photography Day. And found out more about it... Continue Reading →


First IKEA Store in India and Investment Lessons from Herd Mentality

Last week (on 9th Aug) IKEA opened the first store in India in the southern city of Hyderabad and it was an instant rage. IKEA mania led to stampede and more than 40,000 people visited the store on first day! They did a sales of Rs 2.4 Crore ($350K) including Rs 11,00,000 from food sold... Continue Reading →

Good Read: TRUST = Character + Competence

TRUST = Character + Competence Character: ————— intent integrity caring honesty transparency fairness openness authenticity Competence: —————— capability results skills reputation knowledge capability experience performance

Apple: The First Trillion Dollar Company

Apple recently touched market capitalization of $1 trillion! Here are some interesting facts: Apple IPO valuation (Dec 12, 1980): $1.2 billion Apple valuation on 2nd Aug 2018: $1 trillion Stock return since IPO: 50,000% Apple va Nokia rivalry: Valuations today: Apple: $1 trillion Nokia: $30 billion Valuations when iPhone was released in 2007: Nokia: $110... Continue Reading →

Ubuntu: I Am Because We Are

Ubuntu is a free and open source operating system and Linux distribution based on Debian. Their logo shows top view of three people extending arms to form a circle - indicating collaboration which is a key attribute of Open Source system. The dictionary meaning of African word Ubuntu is as follows: But I came across... Continue Reading →

Twitter Art

I like Art. Be it music, or dance, or photography, or sculpture or painting/sketching. I consider myself a curator of Art...in fact curator of good ideas and thoughts (refer Thought of The Day initiative) and good things in general. I like to explore the art material on internet, particularly Twitter. Here is a collection of... Continue Reading →

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