Quitters Day 2022

What I like about reading or being curious is that everyday you get to learn something new, something interesting everyday that makes you feel better by an iota. I didn't know, until now, about Quitters Day and the chances are that you wouldn't either. So decided to write this quick post. In fact I learnt... Continue Reading →

A World Of Languages

5 Indian languages feature in the world's most popular languages (including my mother tongue, Marathi). Interestingly Punjabi is not there even though a large number of people speak Punjabi.

The Law of Wasted Effort

The #Law of Wasted #Efforts Do you know that lions only succeed in a quarter of their hunting attempts — which means they fail in 75% of their attempts and succeed in only 25% of them. Despite this small percentage shared by most predators, they don't despair in their pursuit and hunting attempts. The main... Continue Reading →

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