De-motivating Quotes :)

You must have read "motivational" quotes many times - those cliche quotes from great people, those hyperbole, exaggerated analogies etc.How about de-motivating messages for a change? :)No...don't think that I am sadist or pessimist by nature...I just happened to gather few 'nice' and well designed 'de-motivating' quotes...that's all!


जीवनसंगीताबद्दल थोडेसे: ’ओ सजना’…आणि मलविसर्जनसुद्धा

आयुर्वेद आणि माझे तसे फारसे सख्य नाही...म्हणजे मला त्याबद्दल वाट्टेल ते ’claim’ करणारे लोक आवडत नाही...आणि विनाकारण इतर उपचार पद्धती वर टीका करणेही आवडत नाही...पण आपल्या so-called भारतीय संस्क्रुती मधलाच हा दोष असावा... अहंमन्यतेनी पछाडले असण्याचा. मग ते हिंदू धर्माच्या बाबतीत असो, किंवा हिंदु संस्क्रुती/ पुराण असो, रामदेव बाबांचे ’योग’ आणि ’प्राणायाम’ असो की, हिंदू... Continue Reading →

Amazing photograph…

Bulgaria's Bilyana Prodanova performs her routine with the rope during the rhythmic gymnastics qualifying round at the 2009 World Games in Kaohsiung July 17, 2009. The World Games will be held from July 16-26 in the southern Taiwan city of Kaohsiung.Source: Reuters

An Economic Analysis of the Somali Pirate Business Model

Came across a nice article on magazine...=================================================================Cutthroat Capitalism: An Economic Analysis of the Somali Pirate Business ModelGood read…funny and informative (with charts and equations)! JInteresting to know that even pirates “rather than squandering their loot, they reinvest in equipment and training.” …in short, there is no escape from continuous learning and upgrading skills, no... Continue Reading →

What is 20/20 vision?

While reading stuff about LASIK surgery I came across term '20/20 vision'. I had known proverb 'Hindsight is 20/20' and knew its meaning - from that I knew that 20/20 is something to do with 'perfect vision'...but did not exactly know meaning of 20/20.But I found its meaning while browsing the LASIK surgery info.So what... Continue Reading →

Mathematically funny…

Math problems?Call 1 -800 -[(10x)^(13i)^2 ] -[ sin (x y) / 2.362x].---------------------------------------------------------"This is a one line proof...if we start sufficiently far to the left." --------------------------------------------------------- A math professor is one who talks in someone else's sleep.---------------------------------------------------------To mathematicians, solutions mean finding the answers. But to chemists, solutions are things that are still all mixed up.---------------------------------------------------------Some mathematicians... Continue Reading →

काय रे देवा… संदीप खरेची कविता.

संदीप खरे ची अजून एक कविता... पावसाळ्याचे निमित्त साधून...खरं तर ’पावसाळा’ म्हणावा असा पाऊस अजून पुण्यात झालाच नाहीये... उगाच आकाशातून कोणीतरी थुंकल्यासारखे चार थेंब पडलेत आत्तापर्यंत...आणि अनेक बेडकांची लग्नं लावूनही काहिही फरक पडला नाही...आता म्हणे बेडूक ही संपले...म्हणजे पुढच्या वर्षी हीच परिस्थिती आली तर बहुतेक आधी लग्न झालेल्य बेडकांना घटस्फोट घ्यायला लावून त्यांचे परत लग्न... Continue Reading →

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