On Brevity, Simplicity, and Minimalism

श्री. भा.म. गोरे यांचा 'नवी पालवी' नावाचा एक लघुकथासंग्रह वाचताना प्रास्ताविकात एक संस्कृत ओळ आली.    अल्पाक्षररमणीयं यः कथयति निश्चितं स खलु वाग्मी | त्याचा अर्थ आणि पूर्ण सुभाषित काय आहे म्हणून नेटवर बघितले तर हे पूर्ण सुभाषित मिळाले. अल्पाक्षररमणीयं यः कथयति निश्चितं स खलु वाग्मी | बहुवचनमल्पसारं यः कथयति विप्रलापी सः ||   अर्थ:  ... Continue Reading →

Charlie Munger

I am not sure if you follow Charlie Munger - partner of Warren Buffett and Vice-Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway. If you don't start following right now! He is one of those living legends who continues to shine even at the age of 93! Here are a few Youtube videos of Charlie. Will post more soon...... Continue Reading →

Stock and Flow – in Economics and other areas

Stock and Flow variables are one of the basic concepts of Economics. Unfortunately, they are not covered in current MBA curriculum (at least based on the courses I attended). But I feel that the concepts are also important beyond the subject of economics and helps in analyzing various commonplace notions/ comparisons people (wrongly) make. Stock... Continue Reading →

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