Ayn Rand on Governments..and the curious case of US Auto sector (and Satyam in India)

Ayn Rand, the person who developed concept of ‘Objectivism’, was a staunch supporter of ‘free will’. Through her books FountainHead and Atlas Shrugged she strongly criticized ‘Collectivism’ and role of anybody/ agency (e.g. Government) who imposed restrictions on Free Will and freedom of expression. I have a couple of great videos of interview of Ayn... Continue Reading →

Just don’t compare Kosmix to Google

Kosmix - Another newcomer competing (??) with Google...Google is just a little over a decade old but has earned enormous name and success since its inception. Since then there have been many 'rivals' 'threatening' to displace Google from its 'No. 1 web search engine' tag.I lost the track of the count - but remember a... Continue Reading →

A nice logic puzzle…

This puzzle was given to me in my first job interview...the initial time given was 3 minutes.  After 3 minutes I had still not solved it, so my interviewer asked, "If given some more time will you be able to solve it? Or you haven't got any clue how to work it out?" ...I said,... Continue Reading →

National Pi Day

Days are plenty… Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Women’s Day etc. are well-known…but did you know of a few unusual (and at times funny!) days? Check these: International Men’s Day (Yes! Men too get to celebrate – though only for a day), Buy Nothing Day, International Mother Language day, Singles Awareness Day (aka SAD... Continue Reading →

दिवस फार कठीण आहेत…

नुकतेच आमच्या एका प्रोजेक्ट मीटिंग मध्ये मी माझ्या manager ला सांगितले: ’माझ्या टीम मधला एक जण resign करणार आहे अशी कुणकुण मला लागली आहे’ (अर्थात हे मी इंग्लिश मध्ये सांगितले - आत इंग्लिशमध्ये मी ’कुणकुण लागली आहे’ हे कसे म्हटले असले प्रश्न विचारु नका. भावना लक्षात घ्या! तर कुठे होतो मी - हा,  कुणकुण लागली...)तर... Continue Reading →

New Year Resolutions…updates

I had set a few New Year Resolutions at the beginning of 2009 e.g.1. To learn a musical instrument - Synthesizer2. To learn a foreign language etc. etc.And I had also decided that as per the situation (opportunities) I would change these, if need be.So here is an update on them - some complete surprises... Continue Reading →

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