New Year Resolutions…updates

I had set a few New Year Resolutions at the beginning of 2009 e.g.
1. To learn a musical instrument – Synthesizer
2. To learn a foreign language etc. etc.
And I had also decided that as per the situation (opportunities) I would change these, if need be.
So here is an update on them – some complete surprises (even for myself!) and some as planned (which also is a surprise…haha)!
Firstly, I had thought that MBA would be the end of my ‘formal’ education (not ‘learning’ though)…but that was not to be. I am pursuing PMP (Project Management Practitioner) Certification offered by
This is considered to be a very prestigious certification and is a good value add to my Resume.
Then, very unexpectedly, I joined a Gymnasium – for the first ever time in my life! I have always been active in some sport or the other – but had thought body building/gymnasium is not my cup of tea…but again a sea change there…I have not just joined it; but during the last month or so have been regular at it – and started enjoying it.
The last and the latest is – pursuing a foreign language (which is among the only ‘planned’ activity for 2009).
Since yesterday, I have  joined “Let’s Talk institute for foreign language” ( to pursue Chinese (Beginner’s) course. Actually I had searched for 5-6 institutes in my city that teach Chinese language – had shortlisted one that was offering a course from 17th of April 2009.
But suddenly, on Friday I got to know about “Let’s Talk” institute, talked to the girl on phone who said that they would begin a new class from Saturday, 7th March. I immediately made up my mind to join – rather than wait till 17th April.
The teacher seemed to be very good…she has obtained her degree in Chinese language from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi – the only university in India to offer Masters and Doctorate degrees in Chinese. They also have a Centre for Chinese and South East Asian Studies.
She is teaching Chinese Simplified and she began with Pinyin, but mentioned that she would not teach Chinese characters during Level 1 course. “…That would be covered during Level 2 classes…if at all some of you manage to keep patience till then and actually join Level 2 class!” she said…
I had 2 classes (yesterday and today) and found that learning Chinese is going to be a daunting task – but I am enthusiastic about it…at least for now 🙂
Let’s see if I can keep up the enthusiasm as things become complex…
Then (hopefully) one day, I would be able to say to my Chinese and Taiwanese friends – “Let’s talk”!!! (Rather, “let’s argue in Chinese”…haha)
So, in a nutshell, my resolutions have changed…but at least I have started with some…and that has kept me busy… Gymnasium on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays; PMP studies on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays (morning); Chinese classes on Saturdays (evening) and Sundays (morning)
What did you ask? When do I have leisure time to unwind and relax??? …Well, during office hours – 9 AM to 6 PM!!! Haha…

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