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Have u Googled today? If yes, you must have noticed today’s interesting logo: It is to remember Samuel Morse – person who developed Morse Code, the cryptic code to send messages – who was born on 27thApril. Google is well-know for its theme based logos. You can find all such logos till date here: ~ Kaustubh


Mood: sombreState of mind: extremely disappointed with myself---------------------------------------------------When - was the last time you yearned for something so intensely that the only aim/ focus of your life was to achieve it...nothing else mattered to youThis is the quality that differentiates a good or above average performer from a STAR performer.A Star performer, genius, gives his... Continue Reading →

माझे मन तुझे झाले…

झी मराठी वरील सा रे ग म प  मधील गाणे माझे मन तुझे झाले मूळ गाणे: दूरदर्शन मालिका ’स्वामी’ - शीर्षक गीतगीत-संगीतः सुधीर मोघेमूळ गायिका: सूचित्रा बर्वे सा रे ग म प  मधील गायिका: विभावरी आपटे-जोशी~ कौस्तुभ ह्या गाण्याची मूळ MP3 माझ्याकडे आहे (though Quality is low)

India: General Elections 2009

India - the World's Largest Democracy - goes to polls in 5 phases...starting today!Here is a quick glance at key statistics about Indian democracy and elections.Indian elections at glance:India's Total Population: 1,147,995,904 (2008 est) i.e. 1.147 billionEstimated electorate (people who are elible for voting i.e. 18 years or above) for 2009 elections: 714 million(Note: The... Continue Reading →

Gym आणि फ्यामिली डॊक्टर

नुकतेच आमच्या Gym मध्ये काही महत्वपूर्ण बदल झाले  (मी मराठी माध्यमाचा असल्यामुळे मी आधी ’व्यायाम शाळा’ असे म्हणायचो. ते ऐकून लोक नाकं मुरडायचे. ’Gym’ कसं त्यांना ’sophisticated’ वाटते. म्हणजे जागा तीच. फक्त नाव बदललं की एकदम त्याचा ’क्लास’ बदलतो. असो.)आधी लेडीज Gym च्या वेळा (Gym च्या वेळा ...काय रचना आहे... ’गाड्यांना खूप गर्द्या होत्या’ सारखे) वेगळ्या होत्या... Continue Reading →

Satyam – (partial) end of scam

Finally the wait has ended....and the outcome has been good; in fact very very good!Fraud hit Satyam Computer Services, India's 4th largest IT company has been bought by Tech Mahindra, India's 6th largest IT company.The government appointed Satyam board did a good job in seeing through the Satyam sale...and that too very quickly (by Indian... Continue Reading →

Sania vs Saina …update

Further to my previous post on Indian tennis star Sania Mirza v/s Intia's rising badminton talent Saina Nehwal -( Mirza finally recovered from injuries and has made a comeback in the professional tennis world...meanwhile Saina faced a few injuries that compelled her to take break from international Badminton arena. Yet...Sania Mirza has dropped 13 places... Continue Reading →

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