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April 2009

Google Logos

Have u Googled today? If yes, you must have noticed today’s interesting logo:


It is to remember Samuel Morse – person who developed Morse Code, the cryptic code to send messages – who was born on 27thApril.


Google is well-know for its theme based logos. You can find all such logos till date here:


~ Kaustubh



Mood: sombre

State of mind: extremely disappointed with myself


When – was the last time you yearned for something so intensely that the only aim/ focus of your life was to achieve it…nothing else mattered to you

This is the quality that differentiates a good or above average performer from a STAR performer.

A Star performer, genius, gives his 100% to the current task at hand – no matter how trivial it is.

Today I played a small chess tournament – everything was going well till the last round. Even in the last round, I was winning. But that is when I lost attention on game – took it too lightly and blundered…result a DRAW instead of my WIN.

I am so annoyed, angry at myself – I have no words to express. This is not the first time I have lost focus like this…and every time I have the same question – how could I do the same mistake AGAIN???

I don’t know what to do now – if you have any suggestion/ advise pls. help me….maybe I should cut my finger – everytime I do a silly mistake 😦


Anyways, too sick and tired to even curse myself…my behaviour is getting incorrigible. Maybe I deserve to live and die as a mediocre person.

What if Susan Boyle Could Not Sing?

Following Susan Boyle video on YouTube (  has become a new sensation…an overnight craze!

I found this link displayed as ‘status message’ on my friend’s profile – and out of curiosity checked it…

First and foremost, I must admit Susan Boyle has got a terrific voice! But her tacky clothes, seemingly, chubby – rather unattractive persona added to the surprise factor – because when she appeared on stage nobody, including judges, apparantly liked her. But her 3-minute singing performance changed it all!

Out of curiosity – I searched for review of her performance and found these two:

How talented Susan Boyle exposes our shallow side


It wasn’t singer Susan Boyle who was ugly on Britain’s Got Talent so much as our reaction to her

Both articles criticise cynical mentality of people to judge a person based on appearance, looks, glamour etc. – and rightly so…

But my line of thinking was different…
This is not the first time some ‘unpleasant’ peronality has ‘suddenly’ diplayed extra-ordinary talent and has shaken the audience…in India as well, this has happened in a few reality shows/ talent hunt shows.

I am not saying all this was made up or artifical…

<span class="Apple-styl
e-span” style=”font-size:small;”
>What I am saying is:

We just focus on such success stories – who go against people’s perception and win their hearts through talent.

But what about peope – who do have rather ‘unpleasant’, ‘unattractive’ looks, personality and also have no real extra-ordinary talent!

The life of such people would be unbearable, disappointing – considering the kind of feeling people must have towards them (think of the initial response Susan got when she appeared on the stage)

I thought:

“Yes, I did find Boyle’s performance incredible. And Surprisingly Excellent. And heartwarming etc. etc. She does, indeed, have impressive talent. But what if she didn’t? What if Susan Boyle couldn’t sing?”

So I tried to look on the net is anybody has cared to think about it…and to my surprise, I found this article:

What if Susan Boyle Couldn’t Sing?
A nice article…

I am sure nobody would be really interested in this question – especially discussing it publicly – but if we could think of it and answer it to ourselves…we might do ‘more justice’ (in our day-to-day behaviour) to so many other Susan’s who can’t sing.

माझे मन तुझे झाले…

झी मराठी वरील सा रे ग म प  मधील गाणे

माझे मन तुझे झाले 
मूळ गाणे: दूरदर्शन मालिका ’स्वामी’ – शीर्षक गीत
गीत-संगीतः सुधीर मोघे
मूळ गायिका: सूचित्रा बर्वे

सा रे ग म प  मधील गायिका: विभावरी आपटे-जोशी

~ कौस्तुभ
ह्या गाण्याची मूळ MP3 माझ्याकडे आहे (though Quality is low)

India: General Elections 2009

India – the World’s Largest Democracy – goes to polls in 5 phases…starting today!

Here is a quick glance at key statistics about Indian democracy and elections.

Indian elections at glance:

India’s Total Population: 1,147,995,904 (2008 est) i.e. 1.147 billion
Estimated electorate (people who are elible for voting i.e. 18 years or above) for 2009 elections: 714 million
(Note: The entire population of Europe is about 730 million…)

Increase in electoarate (eligible voters) over 2004 general elections – 43 million
(Note: This is more than 2 times population of Australia…Australia’s population according to 2008 estimates was roughly 21 million)

Total seats (constituencies) for which India will vote: 543
Total number of registered political parties: 1055

Prominent religions: 6
Prominent castes: Approx. 7000

Age structure of Indian voters: 
0-14 years: 31.5% (male 189,238,487/female 172,168,306)(2008 estimaates)
15-64 years: 63.3% (male 374,157,581/female 352,868,003) (2008 est)
65 years and over: 5.2% (male 28,285,796/female 31,277,725) (2008 est)

<span class="Apple-style-span" style="
nt-family:verdana;”>Median age:
total: 24.1 years 
male: 24.1 years 
female: 24.2 years (2002 est.) 

Number of polling stations in entire India: 828,804 (Yes! close to to 1 million polling booths)
Number of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) used at these polling stations: 1,368,430
Police and administrative staff on duty: 6.1 million

Approximate cost of General Elections 2009: Rs. 1120 crores (or 225 million USD…much less that the US elections – considering the breadth and depth of the entire process)


The numbers are staggering and overwhelming…and so is the process of conducting elections. 

That is why Election Commision (the independent agency that controls and conducts the entire election process in free and fair manner) prefered to conduct elections in 5 phases – on 5 different days…so that all the logistics (voting machines/ voting officers/ support staff/ security guards etc) could be moved and made available at 828,804 places (Yes! at almost a million voting stations…)

But since the Election Commission has begun use of electronic voting machine the process has sped up. This has also eased up pressure on administration, reduced bogus voting/ booth capturing and has enabled quick vote counting and declaration of results.

Truly, Indian election process (and the Election Commission) is somthing every Indian should be proud of!!!

Electronic voting machines

Gym आणि फ्यामिली डॊक्टर

नुकतेच आमच्या Gym मध्ये काही महत्वपूर्ण बदल झाले  (मी मराठी माध्यमाचा असल्यामुळे मी आधी ’व्यायाम शाळा’ असे म्हणायचो. ते ऐकून लोक नाकं मुरडायचे. ’Gym’ कसं त्यांना ’sophisticated’ वाटते. म्हणजे जागा तीच. फक्त नाव बदललं की एकदम त्याचा ’क्लास’ बदलतो. असो.)

आधी लेडीज Gym च्या वेळा (Gym च्या वेळा …काय रचना आहे… ’गाड्यांना खूप गर्द्या होत्या’ सारखे) वेगळ्या होत्या (दुपारी १२ ते ५), पण आता असे काही वेगळे टायमिंग  नाहि. लेडीज आणि जेंट्स – सगळ्यांचे टायमिंग एकच!

आता असे झाल्यामुळे एकदम बरेच बदल घडून आले. काही जणं यायचेच बंद झाले, तर काही जणं एकदम ’रेग्युलर’ यायला लागले (तेही १ च्या ऐवजी २ तास!)

माझी मात्र पंचाईत झाली. सध्याची वेळ बदलणे मला शक्य नाही, आणि आहे त्याच वेळेस जायचे म्हणजे … आता बघा…Gym ला  जाऊन २.५ किलो. आणि ३ किलो. वजन उचलणं बरं दिसतं का? ते ही अशा ’लेडीज बायकांच्या’ समोर – ज्या ३०-४० किलो वजन सहज उचलतात!

म्हणून मी पण ठरवलं – आपण ५० किलो वजन उचलायचं!

पण माझा आगाऊपणा नडला आणि शेवटी व्ह्यायचे तेच झाले. माझ्या पाठीत उसण भरली…

१-२ दिवस तसेच काढले. पण शेवटी नाईलाजाने मी आमच्या फ्यामिली डॊक्टर कडे जायचे ठरवले (नाईलाजाने का ते कळेलच लवकरच)…

आमचे डॊक्टर थोडे ’वेगळे’ आहेत, आमच्या सारखेच. (’विचित्र’ म्हणणे बरं दिसत नाही)

“आनंद” मधला अमिताभ अजून थोडा किडकिडीत असता आणि त्याला जाड चश्मा आणि टक्कल असते तर जसा दिसला असता ना तसे दिसतात आमचे डॊक्टर….(म्हणजे नक्की कसे…असा फार ताण देऊ नका डोक्याला)

ते एकदम हळू आवाजात बोलतात आणि प्रचंड भरभर बोलतात.  इतके की ते ऐकुन त्याचा डोक्यात अर्थ लावून त्यावर प्रतिक्रिया देइ पर्यन्त त्यांची २-३ वाक्ये झालेली असतात.

माझा तर नेहेमी ते तपासत असताना गोंधळ होतो…’श्वास घ्या. सोडा, घ्या. सोडा, घ्या.सोडा’ असे इतक्या भरभर करायला लावतात की एकदा मी वैतागून त्यांना म्हटले: “अहो आताच तर सोडला श्वास, पुन्ह सोडा काय. आधी घेऊ तर दे, मग सोडतो”

पण तसे ते चांगले आहेत (म्हणजे स्वस्त आणि मस्त!). कुणालाही कसलाही आजार झाला असेल तरी ते ’हे अपचनामुळे होत आहे’ असे निदान करतात…कारण त्यावरचे औषध त्यांना खात्रीने देता येते.

एकद माझ्या डोक्याला टेंगूळ आले होते,  त्याचे निदान पण त्यांनी, ’हे अपचनामुळे झाले आहे’ असे केले…आता बोला…

पण एक मात्र खरे…त्यांच्या नेहेमीच्याच हिरव्या, लाल, पिवळ्या गोळ्यांना गूण मात्र चांगला आहे…


असो. थोडक्यात सांगायचे तर, डॊक्टरांच्या एका ’डोस’ नी माझी पाठ एकदम बरी झाली. त्यामुळे आता मी नव्या जोमाने Gym पुन्हा सुरु करायला सज्ज झालो आहे!!!

Satyam – (partial) end of scam

Finally the wait has ended….and the outcome has been good; in fact very very good!

Fraud hit Satyam Computer Services, India’s 4th largest IT company has been bought by Tech Mahindra, India’s 6th largest IT company.

The government appointed Satyam board did a good job in seeing through the Satyam sale…and that too very quickly (by Indian standards!) 

But what struck me on hearing the news (and especially the final price of Rs. 58 per share) was:

Right after the Satyam Scam broke out, Tech Mahindra had actually approached Satyam for merger (

What is interesting is, Satyam’s stock price was Rs. 174 at that time.

And within less than 3 months – Tech mahindra snapped Satyam for Rs. 58 per share i.e. discount of 66%

Governement initiated 2 parallel processes after Satyam scam happened. 

One was to bring Satyam on track – and protect the interest of stakeholders, employees and customers – which the government appointed Satyam board has achieved today!

The other process was legal – to book Raju and others under various charges and bring them to justice.

Considering the lapses in legal system in India and political influence of Raju, I doubt whether the legal case will ever end.

Probably, Raju would spend years and years in judicial/police custody, just like Praveen Mahajan who is accused of killing his brother and politician Pramod mahajan, without actually facing conviction.

It’s confirmed now: Me…”innocent soul” :)

Just took ‘What kind of sould do you have?’ quiz of Facebook…and here is the result!!! 🙂

The Window…

Click on the image to enlarge…

Courtesy: Preeti

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