Mood: sombre

State of mind: extremely disappointed with myself


When – was the last time you yearned for something so intensely that the only aim/ focus of your life was to achieve it…nothing else mattered to you

This is the quality that differentiates a good or above average performer from a STAR performer.

A Star performer, genius, gives his 100% to the current task at hand – no matter how trivial it is.

Today I played a small chess tournament – everything was going well till the last round. Even in the last round, I was winning. But that is when I lost attention on game – took it too lightly and blundered…result a DRAW instead of my WIN.

I am so annoyed, angry at myself – I have no words to express. This is not the first time I have lost focus like this…and every time I have the same question – how could I do the same mistake AGAIN???

I don’t know what to do now – if you have any suggestion/ advise pls. help me….maybe I should cut my finger – everytime I do a silly mistake 😦


Anyways, too sick and tired to even curse myself…my behaviour is getting incorrigible. Maybe I deserve to live and die as a mediocre person.

2 thoughts on “When…?

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  1. Thanx Aquarius for the encouraging words :)Funnily enough – this is what today's horoscope for me declares!”You are feeling better now that the Moon has returned to your sign, enabling you to be more responsive to your friends and family. Still, you aren't sure that they fully understand what you are saying. It's not that you are being unclear in your communication; it's more likely that your moods are changing like a spring breeze and by the time you've described an emotion, you're already somewhere else. Keep in mind that no one needs to know about every whim that passes through your mind. By Rick LevineMonday, April 27, 2009″My hatred for horoscope just reduced fractionally! 😛


  2. hey buddy whats up with you? why are you beating urself up like this. Whether you're mediocre or superbly talented is all very subjective. I think you are a brilliant and a super human being.Bounce back to your funny self soon.


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