More on Wordle – Part 2

I wrote “More on Wordle” few weeks back where I shared many interesting formats of Wordle. And I thought that was it. There was nothing more to be explored or improvised in this format. I was wrong – partially.

Yesterday I came across a map variant of Wordle which I found very interesting and hence decided to share here.

Here is “WORLDLE” – A word play involving Wordle and World.

I found this puzzle interesting because it could be a good tool for education. Gamification is a big theme in many educational programmes in advanced countries – not just for the kids, but also for Management education and other streams.

This game is also good because it involves visual stimulus – map of a country and, and some interesting ways of giving clues.

After each attempt it shows the distance of the actual country from the one you guessed and also the direction. This helps in developing the visual memory and understanding of coordinates.

Here is the screenshot of my attempt yesterday 👇

It’s amazing what creativity and technology can do for making the learning process engaging and enjoyable!

I had thought of a separate post on “Gamification” which has been getting delayed for quite some time. Hoping to write about it soon. Till then enjoy various forms of Wordle and Wordle and also share more such examples.


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