More On Wordle: Wordle2 And Quordle

Wordle wave has settled by now. Those who have already adopted it are doing it, and those who haven’t are unlikely to start it. Numerous strategies and tactics have been thought of by people to solve it in the least amount of attempts. To be honest, solving it in 6 attempts has become easy now.

So to make it interesting and more challenging I thought of any idea. I told my friend that we would start the next day’s Wordle with the same word. And then both of us would carry on from there. This helps in two ways. The initial clues for both of us would be same, but utilising that information and guessing the next word would be in our own way. This causes an interesting divergence and from there we again try to converge at the same word which is the actual answer. I started this with a friend and then few others have joined in. Now we are a group of 7-8 people who start with the same word and solve on our own. Surprisingly, most of us guess a different second word and yet most of us get the answer in next 2-3 attempts. That has made the Wordle a bit interesting again.

Then I stumbled upon Wordle2 which is the 6 letter variant of Wordle. The rest all is the same. Adding just 1 letter adds some complexity. So that’s also a useful exercise. Wordle2, unlike Wordle, is available more frequently. I think every 12 hours or so.

However the most interesting and challenging form of Wordle I cam across last week was Quordle.

Quordle is nothing but 4-in-1 Wordle. Instead of 5 attempts to solve a regular Wordle, you get 9 attempts to solve all 4 Wordles. Any word you enter is applied to all 4 Wordles simultaneously and you get similar clues in Green, Amber and Black/Grey. This makes it a lot more challenging!

Here is the solution of Quordle #37. It shows numbers 5-8-7-6. That implies that I got the left hand top Wordle in 5th attempt, the right hand top in 8th attempt, left hand bottom in 7th attempt and the right hand bottom word in 6th attempt. As you can see you’ll enter 4 correct words for each of the Wordle, which means that out of 9 attempts you are going to spend the 4 on actual answers. So other attempts should be utilised to uncover as much information as possible about all 4 words simultaneously.

Prima facie it may look complicated, however, once you start you’ll figure out a way to develop your own approach. It’s obvious that you cannot focus on one Wordle at a time. You have to enter a word that will reveal more information about all the 4 in one go. That’s the essence of this puzzle; and hence, the strategy is totally different from the usual one-word Wordle. Do give it a try if you like challenges!


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