Good Read: Rat Race

The Flight landed!

Everyone got up & rushed to move out of the flight, they stood for a long time, till the doors opened.

If I were a child on my first flight I would have thought “Maybe the plane will take us away if we don’t get off quickly or the plane is on fire”.

I was the last to get off the flight It was a nice walk with no crowd

I met many of them in the bus that took us to the terminal. I met few others in the restroom.

As I reached the baggage belt I saw many there My bag was waiting, as I picked the bag & walked I met many others on the way. As I reached the cab pickup point. I saw few from my flight waiting there.

I recognized one of them was from the first few rows, the mind remembers those ahead of you 🙂

Which made me wonder: Why do we have to rush? Why do we have to follow the crowd? Where are we running to? Thoughts?

P.S: Maybe this is what everyone calls the Rat Race, running away to nowhere faster than others

Written by Sandeep Kochhar, Founder CEO and Story Teller at

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