10 Laws of Dharma

Here are the 10 laws of Dharma (धर्म), see which ones you are following:

  1. Patience (dhriti / धृती) – Staying secure in your own inner peace.
  2. Forgiveness (kshama / क्षमा) – Letting go of things that don’t necessarily serve you.
  3. Piety or self-control (dama / दम) – Knowing that the best things come to those that wait
  1. Honesty (asteya / अस्तेय) – This is really more about non-stealing; don’t take that which does not belong to you.
  2. Sanctity (shauch /शुची) – Cleanliness in mind, body, and soul.
  3. Control of senses (indraiya-nigrah / इंद्रिय निग्रह) – Meditation and life force control.
  4. Reason (dhi / धी) – Guiding your life with calm reason leads to great success.
  1. Knowledge or learning (vidya / विद्या) – Gaining skills that significantly add to your ability to offer value is a huge step towards well-rounded success.
  2. Truthfulness (satya / सत्य) – Realizing that truthfulness brings about the highest outcome for you and others.
  3. Absence of anger (krodha / क्रोध) – Anger poisons our ability to lead our lives in a positive and powerful way.

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