Karan Thapar Interviews on Adani-Hindenburg Saga

If you are an avid stock market follower you would have definitely followed Adani-Hindenburg saga. I am pleased with what’s happening with Adani group – naturally because he is one of the shining examples of crony capitalism of Modi, and I am fiercely anti-Modi. It’s a good example of what the world powers can do to the so-called Vishwa Guru and the global leader when they sense an opportunity to show their might and mint money.

Karan Thapar is the best English language interviewer in India today. I follow his The Interview on The Wire regularly and of late he has done few good interviews on Adani-Hindenburg saga.

A couple of them are related to the technicalities of how the events unfolded, while one is on the valuation aspect. If you haven’t watched these interviews, I’ll highly recommend them to you. Here are the links for easy viewing.

Now there is another twist in the tale. Just yesterday a video of George Soros has gone viral where he has spoken about Adani and democracy in India and now there is huge ruckus on his so-called “anti-India” comments.

If you want to know more about George Soros in a short time, watch Basant Maheshwari’s video here (it’s in Hindi):

I have not invested in Adani shares, nor do I have any short position in them. However, I’ll be very pleased if Adani empire is brought down to its knees and Modi’s crony capitalism is exposed all over the world. Keeping fingers crossed!


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