Cause In The End All You Really Have Is Memories

Another year ends today. It seems time is really cruising. 31st December 2016 was 3 years ago!

I was going through collection of quotes, sentimental messages I searched and saved on 31st December 2016 and one of the messages read: “Cause in the end all you really have is memories…”!

The message really struck a chord with me. Today I remembered it again, because of a very interesting thing…

My GMail Inbox is running out of space since many months. So today I decided to do a massive cleanup and spent good 3-4 hrs searching and cleaning bulky and old emails.

What I found during search unfolded series of memories and the unfortunate episode linked to this day – 31st December.

I found that most of the bulky emails (size 10 MB+) were related to my matrimony search 🙂

I was going through that painful process for many many years – from June 2009 through Feb 2015, to be precise. As part of the process I must have met or talked to close to 100 girls, and received ~400 profiles! And most of the emails were still lying in my Inbox. Most emails were with photos, horoscope etc.

When I was about to delete all those emails in bulk, I noticed somethjng…most of the emails were forwarded or had some related discussion with my soulmate. Yes! I had a soulmate in those days! And I would share most profiles with her…and at times she would opine and then there used to be some discussion.

So those were not just dead emails, those were stories – of how amazing bonding I had with my soulmate, how she was integral part of the matrimony search process, and how, through those 5-6 years things went up and down in my life.

It was a cronicle of a very happening part of my life – one of the most memorable in good and bad sense. Just by seeing each profile many events and memories flashed again!

I decided that I couldn’t simply delete all those emails. So I created an archive email ID on GMail, which gave me a fresh space of 15 GB! I then started forwarding all those emails and related communication (with girl, her parents, with my soulmate etc). It amounted to 300+ emails, and I am still not completely done (some 80-100 rmails are still pending).

This whole exercise lasted 3-4 hrs. And this walk down the memory lane was extremely pleasurable and painful at the same time.

Anyways, that led to checking my repository of sentimental and sad quotes. I have an archive of such quotes of various moods. It was very nicely sorted earlier, but now it’s very messy – probably indicative how my own emotions have been entangled over last few years.

Anyways, the last link in that chain was 31st December 2016 and all the sad, negative, bruised quotes which symbolize that day. So here are few quotes from that archive to end the post…and another year…

And finally… 🙂

Bye bye 2019…I am now further away from 2016, and further further away from 2014…2013…2012…2011… 2010. And 2007 seems to be from previous life 🙂

It’s all hazy, blur… UK slowly fading…Cause In The End All You Really Have Is Memories…and memories fade with the age.


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