Harsha Bhogle on The Grade Cricketer

Harsha Bhogle is one of the most intelligent sports commentators of all time! I like Vijay Amrutraj’s tennis commentary. I like Sunil Gavaskar’s cricket commentary. Both have been very good players of the respective sport. It’s not often that people have a long second career (as coach or commentator or administrator) in the same sport after they retire. But there are quite a few examples one can cite.

However, vert rarely someone becomes a top level commentator without having played top level sport. It’s difficult because you have to create a niche and earn respect of fellow commentators (who could have been players) and public.

Harsha Bhogle has done that very successfully. And the reason is that he is extremely intelligent and self-aware person. He is an alumnus of India’s top B-school, IIM, Ahmedabad and he brings in that grooming, knowledge in his profession, where seeing highly intellectual people is rare. That’s why his perspectives, observations are unique!

Here is Harsha’s latest interview on the Grade Cricketer podcast. The hosts have also done a great job of bringing the best out of Harsha.

If you enjoy this you should watch Harsha Bhogle’s address at IIM, Ahmedabad many years ago…it’s a great lecture which I have listened to many times!


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