“Modi staggeringly incompetent in most things, not just economy” – Dr. Parakala Prabhakar’s scathing interview

People who follow my blog might know that I like Karan Thapar’s interviews on The Wire. I have posted many many of his interviews here. Readers of this blog may (or should) also know that I absolutely hate Narendra Modi and RSS from bottom of my heart.

My hatred (and I am using that word responsibly. It’s not displeasure, it is hatred – of their sick ideology and sicker mentality), though, is not illogical and hollow; in the sense that I don’t blindly like anybody and everybody who thrashes Modi/RSS. It has to be based on and supported by logical point of view and ideology. So I follow many others who take that approach – including Ravish Kumar, Rathin Roy (the Economist), Amartya Sen, Aakar Patel and so on. Another prominent name in this list is Dr. Parakala Prabhakar.

I discovered him relatively recently – only during lockdown. I stumbled upon his Youtube channel and then started following him. Dr. Prabhakar is an alumni of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), a journalist and a Political Analyst. It’s noteworthy to know that he is also husband of Nirmala Sitharaman – the finance minister of India, and an MP of BJP.

So when I started following him, I was skeptical how genuine his anti-Modi views are. Afterall, how could he be such a staunt critic of Modi when his wife happens to be a blind Bhakt of Modi. But as I kept on following, I realised that he is indeed a genuine critic of Modi and very persuasive and logical at that.

Do watch his latest interview with Karan Thapar. He is also releasing a book about Modi which is releasing on 15th of May. I just pre-ordered the book. I feel it’ll be a very good anti-Modi book, in the league of Aakar Patel’s “The Price of Modi Years”, which I would highly recommend.


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