Kaustubh was sleeping quietly in his room…

A burglar broke into his room; and started picking all valuable items (which were very scarse!).
Kaustubh suddenly woke up and looked at that burglar. The burglar looked back at Kaustubh.
Kaustubh smiled at burglar; burglar smiled back.
Burglar turned back – picked up whatever he could and walked away. Kaustubh looked at the burglar running…and smiled again!
I know you are least bothered to know why – but still…if you were forced to answer….
OK, since you give up; here is the answer.
ANS: Kaustubh was just 1 year old at that time! 🙂
~ Kaustubh
PS: I know it was not worth even half smile…but I am facing writer’s block… so what else do you expect???