It is not often that you find a Paanwallah with his own brand and website! Yes, Muchchhad Paanwallah from Mumbai (Bombay) has his registered his own ‘Muchchhad’ paan brand and has a neat website (

But even he is not exempt from piracy and competition. Another look-alike or clone came up with the same name paan shop and that triggered the controvery. 

I read this article a few weeks back in Indian Express and it made any interesting read. Check for yourself: 


Mumbai: So who’s the original Muchhad? On threatens to move court, other says let him and we’ll see

Till a few days ago, Ram Tiwari, whose father Jaishankar Tiwari owns and runs the Muchhad Paanwalla near Kemps Corner on Warden Road in south Mumbai had been under the impression that his was the only shop to cater to customers under this name.

But another shop, claims Tiwari, bearing the same name and logo has been running in Andheri near the Sports Complex without his knowledge. 

“I came to know about this around 15 days back when a regular customer of our shop complained to me saying he had ordered paan for some of his visiting relatives from my shop at Andheri, but it was not up to his expectations. 

When I said that we do not have any other shop, he told me about the shop near Andheri Sports Complex which had the same name and logo as my shop,” said Tiwari. 

Outraged, he went to Andheri Sports Complex to see the shop which is run by one Ajay Tiwari. “I was shocked to see that he had spelt the name exactly the way it is painted on my shop display board. He has painted the word ‘Andheri’ before the logo of Muchhad Paanwalla , but whole effect is highly deceiving. Anyone can take it to be a branch of our shop,” he said, infuriated. 

Apparently, when Tiwari asked Ajay why his shop was named the same, he was told that the latter too had a moustache, which is why the shop was named Muchhad. He allegedly even challenged Tiwari to send a legal notice and that he would contest it. 

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