Happy B’day A. R. Rahman…

A R Rahman turns 42 today…

Happy Birthday to A. R. Rahman – my favourite composer and undoubtedly the best of today’s generation!!!

2008 has been one of the landmark years for ARR – with as many as 6 films he  composed music for viz. Jodha-Akbar, Jaane tu…Yaa Jaane Na, Ada (yet to be released), Yuvvraaj (weakest of all these), Ghajini (typical South Indian masala music) and Slumdog Millionaire (new experimental music – for which he won Goldan Globe nomination)

Quality-wise none of these can be counted as his all-time best, yet all of them were decent to good/ very good – fulfilling what you would expect from Rahman.

So this year Rehman will definitely be a contender for Best Music Director award at Filmfare.
And my vote goes to ‘Khwaja mere khwaja’ from Jodha-Akbar (first choice) or ‘Kabhi kabhi Aditi…’ from ‘Jaane tu…’ (a distant second choice)

I’m a big fan of ARR and have most of his Hindi songs. I have created a Podcast devoted entirely to ARR songs – where I plan to upload many more songs composed by Rahman:

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