Manthan Samvaad 2020

One of the better outcomes of COVID-19 and lockdown is a sudden and sharp rise in online talks, interviews and conferences. Some really good shows have happened since March 2020. Some old talk shows have morphed into the online chat – for example Karan Thapar’s chat show, Algebra etc.

One such important show is Manthan forum and the various talk shows they have hosted under the series Manthan Samvaad 2020!

I had posted one such show titled “Why Is India Poor?” by Manish Sabhrawal way back in June 2020.

Since then I have many Samvaad talks which were really good but I somehow forgot to post about them.

Here are two interesting talks which I really liked. The first by Pratap Bhanu Mehta and the other by Dr. Rathin Roy. Both happened on the same day, bak to back, with Pratap’s talk first followed by Dr. Rathin’s.

However, I’ll suggest you to watch Rathin’s talk first. Pratap’s talk, though very good, is very heavy and serious. Rathin on the other hand shares some great perspectives and facts in very interesting manner. So watch it first, and then go for Pratap’s, if you want.

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