Harish Sivaramakrishnan, Agam and CRED

A couple of years back I wrote about the New Music that I had discovered. Surprisingly I somehow missed writing about another great song and a group – Padayatra and Agam respectively.

Padayatra song, composed by Job Kurian and sung by Job Kurian and Harish Sivaramakrishnan is a wonderful, soothing song with a very distinct sound! I often listen to this songs on loop. You can watch/listen to the song on Youtube by searching for “Padayatra – Job Kurian Collective“. I am not able to share it here because the publisher of the video has blocked the sharing.

After listening to the song I explored more about the singers and found that Harish Sivaramakrishnan has his own group/band called Agam and loved his work! Here are a couple of songs:

Malargale sung originally by Hariharan and composed by A R Rahman

Uriye sung originally by Hariharan and composed by A R Rahman (for Hindi folks, it’s Tu Hi Re from Bombay)

Mist of Capricorn

Harish Sivaramakrishnan’s voice and kind of music is very different and interesting! But just a few days back I discovered another amazing side of his – which is as a Designer and a Coder!

Harish also happens to be the Head of Design at CRED – a start-up (and now a Unicorn) founded by another maverick, Kunal Shah who has featured on this blog earlier. Just by chance I happened to watch this awesome chat between Harish and Tanmay Bhat on The Story of CRED’s Design.

And I found Harish’s insights and clarity of thought just amazing! Do watch this interview…

I am now exploring more videos of Harish to understand more about him – his music, his design principles etc. I always get fascinated by people who are polymath, or who display expertise in multiple walks of life. So Harish impressed me a lot! A rock star who is also a techie.


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