New Music And New Music Show

In previous blog post I mentioned some interesting Youtube talks or web series which I enjoyed watching during the lockdown. In this post I want to mention some new music and a new music show which I watched recently.

I recently discovered two South Indian bands – Thaikkudam Bridge and Masala Coffee. Both have some talented lead singers and musicians and they have done some interesting original work!

I had heard Thaikkudam Bridge before when they had performed Ajay-Atul’s Marathi song “Khel Mandala” from Natarang and another medley of AR Rahman songs in some award show. But I recently watched two of their original songs and liked a lot!

The first one is – Fish Rock. It is a Malyali folk song about Fish. Just like Bengalis, Malyali people like fish a lot – so much so that they have a folk song which praises all varieties of fish. Thaikkudam Bridge has created a Rock version of the same and it’s awesome! Check it out here:

The second song is of very different genre. Navarasam – a visually pleasing and moving song/story backed by soulful music/melody.

The other song is by a different band called Masala Coffee. Kantha is a song about a wife saying some interesting things to her husband (based on a loose translation I read somewhere). I liked the very distinct sound and orchestra of this song. It was refreshing…

After having watched many many movies and web series in past 3 months (mostly thrillers or drama), I wanted something light and of different genre.

I stumbled upon this wonderful music show called Times of Music anchored by Vishal Dadlani.

The show has an interesting theme. They invite two music composers and cherish/celebrate their work in a unique way. Each music composer chooses his favourite song of the other composer and performs it live. In doing so they also recreate or reinterpret the composition and not merely copy the same old composition. In between they also have some lively chat, and share musical memories. The show is on MX Player and is free for all.

I particularly liked two episodes – one with Sajid-Wajid/Anand-Milind and the other with Anandaji/Ajay-Atul. Here are the links:

Do check this show if you like Hindi film music…

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