Happy B’day, Warren Buffett!

It’s Warren Buffett’s birthday today! Born on 30th August 1930, he completes 91 years today!

I have written several times on this blog about Warren Buffett!

He and Charlie Munger (Age 97 and still very active!) are one of the few living legends I admire and follow closely.

I discovered Warren Buffett sometime in early 2009. I had, of course, heard his name (as one of the Forbes Richest) but had never followed him much. Then I read his biography written by Roger Lowenstein and was hooked on to him since then. Through him I discovered the genius – Charlie Munger.

Since then I have received a lot of books on Buffett; read almost all of his Letters to Shareholders since 1977; watched most of his Annual General Meetings of last 25 years (the Archive was put online by CNBC few years ago); and almost every detailed interview/talk given by him which is available on Youtube. And yet, I can’t have enough of him…

When Warren or Charlie speak, especially Charlie, you just listen and soak in the wisdom of decades!

Sharing a nice article I found – The Guide To Becoming World’s Greatest Investor – which compiles some of the gems from his letters.

And here is another article which collates 28 Lessons from Warren Buffett’s Annual Letters to Shareholders.

I have more than 10 books on Warren Buffett. Time to revisit some of them! As they say: Don’t always read new books. Re-read the old ones (Classics)!


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