5 Years of Demonetisation Disaster

Today is 8th October. Today marks the 5 years of Demonetisation Disaster. The biggest scam was unleashed upon whole India by the Prime Monster (or Moron?) at 8 PM on 8th November 2016.

India is still recovering from that setback. It was not just a disaster or a bad decision implemented poorly. It was a scam done by RSS/BJP and the deadly duo – Modi and Shah.

It’s now well established that Demonetisation didn’t achieve any of the said objectives. And that’s why BJP is not uttering a word about it today. Imagine if they had been even slightly successful they would have shouted over roof top about the “Mitro…” masterstroke.

Millions of memes have been made about Demonetisation. Thousands of jokes and stand-up routines, hundreds of articles criticising the intent, the decision and the execution can be found everywhere on the internet. And yet the common people are not outraging. That’s the sad story of New India. Brain dead people are helping the Prime Monster continue without taking any accountability of countless sins committed since last 7+ years.

It’s shameful. But that’s what India deserves…

I judge everybody based on where they stand in the fight to save India. And there is no fence…so there cannot be fence-sitters or bystanders . You are either trying to save India or you are with the Prime Monster (Hint: remember if you banged plates, lit candles during the lockdown last year. If yes, then you are the idiot on the wrong side).

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