Algebra: Hidden Complexities of Sabarimala Debate

I am continuing with Algebra talk shows and sharing a rather controversial video. Definitely my RW frenemies are going to hate this, if they bother to watch this in first place. I did not know some interesting stories related to Sabarimala and Ayappan. I'm sure there would be many dismissing this version. Anyways, won't write... Continue Reading →

Richard Dawkins On Scientific Truth, Outgrowing God And Life Beyond Earth

Here is the latest interview of Richard Dawkins. Watch it if you like Dawkins. You must watch, if you don't like him or don't know him. Richard Dawkins is one of the world's most famous atheists. An evolutionary biology at Oxford and best-selling author of The God Delusion - his new book "Outgrowing God -... Continue Reading →

India: On The Path Of Becoming Hindu Taliban

If you care for a secular, democratic India, do watch this interview about NRC Assam: After having watched the interview, now read this news in that context: At RSS mega meet, concerns over Hindus being left out of NRC: Sources India is being slowly converted into a Hindu Taliban. It's still the beginning... Continue Reading →

Good Read: Rat Race

The Flight landed! Everyone got up & rushed to move out of the flight, they stood for a long time, till the doors opened. If I were a child on my first flight I would have thought "Maybe the plane will take us away if we don't get off quickly or the plane is on... Continue Reading →


I came across this lovely of the few times when WhatsApp throws something worth reading. The heartthrob of the school, is a man grim and somber. That lanky little girl, is now a weightlifter. The topper of the class, is a happy homemaker. Back bencher of the lot, is an entrepreneur. The flamboyant fashionista,... Continue Reading →

Urban Floods: Man Made Disasters

It's been raining heavily in my state Maharashtra, and my city Pune and Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra and India's economic capital. Roads are blocked, water levels have gone up. In many places the residential area and parking lots are under water. This actually reminded me of a very good graphic (simple but powerful... Continue Reading →

In Praise of Question Mark…

Ramana Sir shared following message today: "The question mark bows down to sign of exclamation, All queries are surrendered and pure bliss results. What a beautiful depiction of Gurupurnima." Actually I wanted to blog on Guru Pournima (16th July, Tuesday) but somehow couldn't. The above may have different/deep meaning which is beyond my grasp. So... Continue Reading →

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