Obama effect is spreading faster than Swine Flu!!! Black is beautiful…than ever before.

Shortly after Obama was elected as first Black US president, current James Bond, Daniel Craig said that the world was now ready for a Black Bond

To take things further, Will Smith declared himself to be the best suited as Black Bond.

And now – for the first time in its history, Walt Disney film is introducing first Black princess in its forthcoming animation movie. The announcement is already getting good publicity and some criticism as well. 

The moral of the story is – black is no more seen in bad/ negative light.

So I was just brainstorming aon what we may hear in future?
  1. Black money would be considered same as white money.
  2. Black magic would not be looked down upon – and would get the same social status as any other kind of magic.
  3. People would vie for appearing on Blacklist
  4. Just like Batman – we would have a super-hero character named ‘Blackman’
  5. US president would have a second home (or weekend home or a farm house) called ‘Black House’
  6. <
    n class=”Apple-style-span” style=”font-family:verdana;”>To show protest/ anger, people would not blacken faces of politicians/ government officials (Don’t know if it happens in the rest of the world – in India it is usual)…they would instead whitewash!

  7. And lastly, Michael Jackson (Oops, I mean Mikaeel) would again go under knife to become Black again!
Can you add to the list?

~ Kaustubh