Rule of 20: Remembering Mr. B

Mr. B was my neighbor in the UK – A nice person, tall, dark (Black, to be precise), handsome and well-built (excellent sprinter!). I guess there is something about the Black genes that make them well-built, by default – unlike our Indian (mutated) genes: No matter what we eat, or how much we exercise, we always end up with pot belly, sooner or later.

B was funny – not intentionally, but his ideas, his way of explaining them made him so.

After our first class of Corporate Finance, I met him in the kitchen (we lived in the same flat on campus and shared kitchen) and asked him how he found the professor (who looked like a mix of young Bill Gates – or some similar geek with specs – and Austin Powers).

B was visibly miffed with this Prof.: “I don’t like this guy.”


“Well, I don’t like guys who teach extremely difficult subject, and still smile”


The other day I happened to discuss my passion – Chess with him. “Do you play chess?” I asked.

No. I don’t like chess. It’s a racist game where Black play against White – and it’s always White who make first move!”

Wow! I had never looked at chess from this angle – never thought that chess could be racist 🙂


Once we were chatting and the discussion reeled upon his eternal interest – Girls!

B: Heard of Rule of 20?

K (that’s me): Nope, what is it?

B: You see, we trust this rule here in the UK. No matter how ugly you look..(pointing at me)

K (to himself): [okay..that is very encouraging and pleasing.go ahead!]

B: No matter how ugly you look, if you talk 20 girls in – one would definitely fall for you!


K: Hmm.and is converse of this rule true?

[B got ‘hung up’ (like a computer) at the mention of word ‘converse’ – he is ‘mathematically’ challenged….]

B: What does converse of a rule mean?

K: The opposite.I mean ‘Instead of talking to 20 different girls, if you talk to the same girl 20 times, would she fall for you?’

B: Hmmm…(goes to ‘Not Responding’ mode for few moments), never tried this, though it is a good suggestion – maybe I should try it at pub coming Saturday… K: Go ahead! All the best…But make sure that you are aware of all the “Emergency Exit” gates! 🙂 ………….

But it was fun! I learnt a lot from him – especially his hard-working and diligent nature.

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  1. cool one:) especially the Chess thing. Astute Observation. Never looked at chess that way. Is Mr. B someone I know


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