Google Doodle on Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis and S. Swamy’s Combative Spirit

Today is 125th birth anniversary of Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis - noted applied statistician and scientist. Google has posted a doodle honoring PCM's contribution in the field of Statistics and Mathematics. He is considered as the father of Indian statistical research. Here is a brief biography of PC Mahalanobis: Mahalanobis was born on 29th June 1893 in West... Continue Reading →

Good Read: On Remittances

If you follow the Economics of emerging countries you would know that remittances from other countries back to the home country is a significant contributor in the development of that country! India has a huge population and equally huge number of migrants to various countries. There are regional pockets and affiliations based on decades of... Continue Reading →

Basic Laws of Management and Marketing

My Prof at IIM-A once said that every subject in management has its roots in some mother subject. For example, he said, Economics has its roots in Psychology. Finance is a derivative of Economics (Micro-economics, to be precise). HR has its roots in Organizational Behavior, which in turn borrows from Social Science. Operations Management is... Continue Reading →

जीडीपी, विकासदर आणि “विकास-निर्देशांक”

भारताचे जीडीपी (Gross domestic product or GDP) वाढीचा चा अंदाज नुकताच प्रसिद्ध झाला. आर्थिक वर्ष २०१७-१८ साठी तो कमी करून ६.५% इतका असेल. हा आकडा नवीन मोजणीपद्धती प्रमाणे  आहे, जी २०११-१२ च्या सुमारास लागू झाली. जुन्या पद्धतीप्रमाणे हाच आकडा अजून कमी असता - कदाचित ४.५-५%. जीडीपी बद्दल एक सुंदर लेख नुकताच वाचनात आला. जीडीपी हा... Continue Reading →

Books and Lectures: Economics

I am starting this "Books and Lectures" thread to write about good books and lectures that help learning new concepts, subjects. I don't want to list pure academic books (i.e. course material) as far as possible because they are boring and difficult to read. I will try to mention resources that are interesting and/or easy... Continue Reading →

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) – Archive

I just created an Archive on Demonetization - the so-called "surgical strike" on Black Money in India. There was another "masterstroke", a "bold and massive reform" a "game changer"  since Demonetization - The Goods and Services Tax (GST). Everything that the current Government does is touted as a Game Changer (I wrote a blog on... Continue Reading →

Demonetization – Archive

Yesterday (8th October 2017) we completed 11 months of #Demonetization; and now we are into the 12th month. We'll complete 1 year of Demonetization on 8th November 2017 and there is bound to be a lot of debate on whether Demonetization was successful or not, and to what extent (and at what cost). I have... Continue Reading →

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