The Spectacular Failure of Automation?!

Just came across a spectacular example of failure (?) of automation/artificial intelligence! These are some of the classic Hindi movie songs. The word Chhod (छोड - meaning Leave) has been masked blindly because it sounds like or is close to a cuss word. I thought it was only the text; but the word is beeped... Continue Reading →

Doesn’t Matter…!

From my friend in the Theoretical Physics Department

This Is Deep…and Ironical!

This is deep...the child has not seen faces of both parents, because they ate always seen hiding behind phone. So when the child draws the sketch, faces of parents are replaced by phone! The irony is that this picture was dound on Instagram 🙂

Just for Fun

A friend of mine sent me this 👇 My immediate response was: Between two of us, we make perfectly deadly combination! I have 1 and 3...and you have plenty of 2! 👍🤘😎😎🤓🤓😊😊

Humor: Mobile Addiction

Some time back I asked my friend if he used "smart phone". He replied: "नही, मै आज भी सर उठा के चलता हॅूं!" ("No, even today I walk with my head held high") This is so true of Mobile (Smart Phone) makes you lower your head, not in shame, but often in irreverence to... Continue Reading →

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