Quite Interesting! – The British Comedy Panel Game Quiz Show

Between American Comedy and British/English Comedy I like the latter. Friends is hilarious. But Yes, Minister is outstanding! In general, British humour is far superior, sharp and intelligent!

Here is a video describing the difference between the two.

I like the show called “Mock The Week”, which is a unique impromptu British comedy show. I have not seen any other similar show from any other region which is half as good…until recently.

Someone forwarded me on WhatsApp the below humorous clip.

I liked it a lot and tried to look up the show it was from. I found out that it’s from a show called Quite Interesting or QI!

The initial episodes had Stephen Fry as anchor from 2003-2016.

The recent episodes from 2016 have a different host, Sandi Toksvig, but the show is as enjoyable as always!

Here is the latest episode…

After watching the show I realised that I have been following “Quite Interesting” Twitter feed since a long time. It’s just that I didn’t know that they also had a funny and entertaining Quiz Show too. Do watch if you like sharp, witty and informative comedy show!

Here is the best of QI!


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