Thought of The Day

The 7 Social Sins: Wealth without work.Pleasure without conscience.Knowledge without character.Commerce without morality.Science without humanity.Worship without sacrifice.Politics without principle. Sermon given by Frederick L Donaldson in Westminster Abbey, London,1925. (Often wrongly attributed to Mahatma Gandhi)

Thought of The Day

9th January 2020 It’s better to know and be disappointed, than to never know and always wonder.

Math Fun Fact – Palindrome Date

02/02/2020 is the first date to be palindromic across formats (since 11/11/1111). It is the 67th of 335 palindromic ddmmyyyy dates between 10/01/1001 and 29/09/9092, and the 47th of 331 palindromic mmddyyyy dates between 10/01/1001 and 09/29/9290

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