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Arena, “A Shark In An Ocean” And Reliance Jio

Few months ago I wrote a blog (in Marathi) on “Strategy Diamond and Arena“. The core idea of Arena is that the field you compete in should be large enough to justify the efforts and reap handsome rewards. You do not want to be a “big fish in a small pond”.

I came across this note which summarizes the idea really well:


You should aspire to be a Shark in an Ocean! That is where the opportunity size is the highest!

Reliance Jio is a good example of this. Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries is definitely a Shark – the biggest Shark there is in Indian Ocean 🙂

And Indian Communications, Media and Entertainment (CME) industry is definitely an ocean, which is going to become even larger in coming years. The telecom/mobile industry may seem to have stagnated, but there is still a lot of scope for consolidation (Reliance Jio has already disrupted the field with their mobile services launch last year). Reliance recently announced in their AGM that Jio will start offering broadband and cable/set-top-box from 15th August. They also announced plan to build an Amazon-like marketplace. Reliance has already acquired stakes in TV18 Network (which operates Colors, Viacomm, and CNBC-TV18 news channels, and, BookMyShow and few other digital properties. So they have good presence in communications, media and entertainment). They also own an IPL cricket team.

I won’t be surprised if they go Netflix or Amazon Prime way and start content streaming service and also take up Production (like Netflix did with House of Cards or Sacred Games in India). In fact that is just logical next step waiting to happen.

Controlling the fiber network, owning mobile handset/airwaves, controlling the content that gets streamed and having a share of wallet through marketplace – truly omnipresent strategy!

What would be a better case study of “A Shark In An Ocean”?

P.S.: With the recent announcement of Jio Institute (yet to be set up) getting the Institute of Eminence tag, the shark has just got bigger; he has entered another vast ocean called Indian Education Circus…I mean Sector. I’ll write a separate post on that since it deserves the Eminent attention!


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16th July 2018

Queen Elizabeth’s 70th Marriage Anniversary: Time Machine and Nostalgia

Queen Elizabeth (91) and Duke of Edinburgh (95) are completing 70 years of Married life. 👑👑🥂

Two awesome Photographs in the same pose with a time gap of 70 years!

When you watch such pictures and reflect, your notion of “meaning of life” would change a lot!

My grandmother married at the age of 20 and she lived till age of 82. So she spent first 20 years at her parents home and 62 years at her husband’s home.

However, she always referred to her parents home as “native place”. I would tease her on that topic and she would smile and say that you wouldn’t understand what it means to leave your home and settle for a new everything!

60-70 years is a long time and 60-70 years of “active and working life” is even longer! Just by sheer amount of experience and memories that person can offer so much to the younger generation.

This reminds me of the amazing contributions of two people I immensely like and look up to – Warren Buffett (age 88) and Charlie Munger (age 94) – who are still active and getting wiser every day! Long live both of them…

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15th July 2018

150th Anniversary of All England Lawn Tennis Club

As the All England Lawn Tennis Club celebrates its 150th anniversary and the Open Era its 50th year, Wimbledon remains the lone grass court Grand Slam.

Infographics from Forbes India magazine (July 20)

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14th July 2018

Mujhko Bhi To Lift Kara De… (Lift Me Too) and The Raising of Chicago

If you are a fan of Hindi Pop music (which I am not. Hindi Pop is similar to Indian Chinese food…it’s Indian. Chinese is for namesake. Similarly, Hindi Pop is just Hindi song, Pop part is misleading!), you might remember a song composed and sung by Pakistani singer Adnan Sami – Mujhko Bhi To Lift Kara De (Lift me too). Here’s the song:

The song basically says that God has blessed any Tom, Dick and Harry in this world and given them all the beauty and bounty. Then why not me? Lift me too and take me out of my dismal condition. It’s nice mediocre song, which many people (including myself) can connect with, at least some of the times.

The reason for remembering this song was a news I read recently about a house in my city Pune. A man in my city literally lifted his house by using 200 jacks to avoid rain and drainage water entering his house! Here is the news in English and Marathi. Here is a photo (taken from English news report) of how it was done.


I also found a Youtube video of the same house which shows it in much more detail:

I found it very astonishing, a real marvel of Engineering and Technology! I then researched on what this technology is and since when it has been in use, and found some interesting information.

This technique was used way back in 1850s and 1860s to raise the entire central district of Chicago in the US. During the 1850s and 1860s engineers carried out a piecemeal raising of the level of central Chicago. Streets, sidewalks and buildings were physically raised on hydraulic jacks or jackscrews. The work was funded by private property owners and public funds.

Here is a good article about the story:

Raising the Chicago streets out of the mud

I also found an interesting video by Matt Parker, my favorite “stand-up mathematician“! I’m sure you would love it…


Wish there were similar ways to lift ourselves in career, in social circles, and in personal relationships


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13th July 2018

Thought of The Day

12th July 2018

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