My Experiment With Paid Blogging

I have been blogging less frequently of late because many things are happening on personal and work front (most of them ranging from not-so-nice to very ugly). However, there is another reason too. I have started a new experiment with focused blogging and something which I had in mind as an idea for quite some... Continue Reading →

Video: Akash, The Skipper

I received this message from a friend and I thought of sharing here... Akash, The Skipper10 times national championSilver & Bronze Medalist at World ChampionshipsLimca Book Record Holder It’s breathtaking to watch him do skipping

Thought of The Day

16th September 2020 If you want to spread an idea, write an essay that makes it easy to understand. If you want to spread an action, build a tool that makes it easy to do. Embody it.

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