Thought of The Day

8th May 2022 पौनः पुन्येन सप्ताहः पौनः पुन्येन धावनम् |पौनः पुन्येन मृत्युश्च पौनः पुन्येन जीवनम् || Cycle of weekdays again, running behind it again & again. Similarly the death again and a new life again & again…!!

Mirage Of 100 Unicorns In India

In last couple of days there was a news in the Business world announcing that India now has 100 Unicorns! Unicorn is a company (usually a start-up, but not always so) which achieves a valuation of $1 Billion. This valuation is usually based on multiple rounds of investments by Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists and Private... Continue Reading →

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