Happy Pi Day 2023

Today is #PiDay in U.S…The rest of the world celebrates it on 22nd July 🙂 (Note - 22/7 is a more accurate 'Pi' value than 3.14). PiDay is also the birth anniversary (144th) of Albert Einstein and the 5th death anniversary of Stephen Hawking. π has captivated mankind for more than 4000 years… The ancient... Continue Reading →

Thought of The Day

14th March 2023 समदोषः समाधिकः समविभक्तः समानतायोः।समः समानमेषां सह चित्तं परिश्रुते॥" "Equity is established when there is absence of faults, a proper balance, and equal distribution. Only when there is an equal and unbiased approach towards everyone, can there be unity and prosperity."

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