Good Read: How Long Is A Quarter? 6 Months If You Are This Indian “Startup”

I came across a couple of interesting articles on Reliance Jio (Mukesh Ambani's $38 billion "start-up") suggesting that the accounting practices (just like a lot of other things at the Ambani Group) could be dubious. I want to write something on valuation and Indian equity markets since a long time...meanwhile do read this article. Ambani’s... Continue Reading →

I told you so…first! :-)

Few months back, on 8th January 2018 to be precise, I wrote a blog on Anuja Kamat's Youtube Channel for Indian Classical Music Enthusiasts It was good to read today a detailed story on this in A young YouTuber is teaching thousands of Indians how to listen to classical music I can now claim... Continue Reading →

The Book I Lent You…

Today (23rd April) is observed as "World Book Day". I came across an interesting bookshelf with shelves that made me think. Could you update following bookshelf with your choices? It is an interesting one and I'll try to fill up and post my version sometime soon... But I can immediately mention "The Book I Lent... Continue Reading →

चहा स्तोत्र…

कॉफी मुक्त होण्यासाठी कॉफीच्या आधीन गेलेल्या (म्हणजे वाट चुकलेल्या) लोकांनी हे स्तोत्र रोज ३ वेळा म्हणून नंतर चहा-तीर्थ घेतल्यास १ महिन्यात ते बरे होतात आणि योग्य मार्गाला लागतात  🙂

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