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June 9, 2018

Explosive Interview of Barkha Dutt

Are we living in “an undeclared emergency” as senior journalist Arun Shourie often says?

It seems we are.

Watch this explosive interview of Barkha Dutt on insidious intimidation by section of BJP party and Government of India,



मिशी असलेला पक्षी…

नुकताच मी ट्वीटरवर मिशी असलेल्या पक्षाचा फोटो पाहिला.

कोणाला त्याबद्दल माहिती आहे का?

Our Education System Is Broken…

I read this news yesterday and wanted to write a blog.

Today I read about the Maharashtra state board’s 10th standard exam results and wrote this piece:

I feel our education system is in shambles. Something is seriously wrong.

Yesterday Maharashtra State Board’s 10th exam results were announced.

125 students got 100% marks (last year 193 students had secured 100% marks).

Read the finer details. Now there is “Best of Five” system i.e. only top 5 subjects are considered, not all 7 (so first language routinely gets excluded as noone scores 100 in that subjct).

For many 100% scorers, the “best of 5” was 95-96%. Then you add extra marks (max of 5%) for extra-curricular activities in sports, arts. A state level (U-16) badminton player got 95% in best of 5 and 5% for Sports and scored 100%.

In spite of all this, a recent survey found that 94% of Engg grads are not employable.


The situation would be worse for other streams of education.

Education system should be a quality gate and by allowing ridiculously low standards of exam/marking system we are damaging young minds – who would feel devastaed after knowing that their 90-95-100% is also not good enough.

But I don’t think the education ministry and the officials care enough; and private tuitions and institutes have a vested interest in maintaining status quo.

At minimum we can create public awareness about the pathetic education system; maybe the “Butterfly Effect” will lead to something meaningful and positive.

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9th June 2018

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