International Cat Day?

Just noticed from Twitter hash tag that today is International Cat Day. Just a couple of days ago I wrote on the Friendship Day that I didn'tlike any such days. But International Cat Day is interesting...I love one मनी माऊ! 😍 Cat/माऊ is my Ying-Yang!

8/8/8: Time Flies…

Today is 8th August 2018 - the 10th Anniversary of "8/8/8" i.e. the opening of 2008 Olympics in China. I remember watching the grand opening on big screen in the UK university along with my Chinese classmates. Last year I wrote a blog on "8/8/8". Even that blog is 1 year old now. Time flies...really!... Continue Reading →

Just For Fun…

Have you ever wondered why, if any fact is twisted or falsified it is referred to as DOCTORED. 👩🏻‍⚕👨🏻‍⚕ And whenever a task is skillfully accomplished, it is always ENGINEERED. 👷🏻‍♀👷🏻‍♂ P.S. 1: COMMERCE grads, you need not take sides. It is none of your BUSINESS P.S. 2: ARTS grads, you can ignore this too.... Continue Reading →

Good Read: TRUST = Character + Competence

TRUST = Character + Competence Character: ————— intent integrity caring honesty transparency fairness openness authenticity Competence: —————— capability results skills reputation knowledge capability experience performance

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