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August 8, 2018

International Cat Day?

Just noticed from Twitter hash tag that today is International Cat Day.

Just a couple of days ago I wrote on the Friendship Day that I didn’tlike any such days.

But International Cat Day is interesting…I love one मनी माऊ! 😍

Cat/माऊ is my Ying-Yang!


8/8/8: Time Flies…

Today is 8th August 2018 – the 10th Anniversary of “8/8/8” i.e. the opening of 2008 Olympics in China. I remember watching the grand opening on big screen in the UK university along with my Chinese classmates.

Last year I wrote a blog on “8/8/8“. Even that blog is 1 year old now.

Time flies…really! And time is the only currency we have…



Just For Fun…

Have you ever wondered why, if any fact is twisted or falsified it is referred to as DOCTORED. 👩🏻‍⚕👨🏻‍⚕

And whenever a task is skillfully accomplished, it is always

ENGINEERED. 👷🏻‍♀👷🏻‍♂

P.S. 1: COMMERCE grads, you need not take sides. It is none of your BUSINESS

P.S. 2: ARTS grads, you can ignore this too. There is nothing in it that is esoteric or imaginery or far-fetched or abstract, or…meaningless (😆), so not of your interest.

P.S. 3: LAW grads, you are the only community I fear. So apologies if this hurts your sentiments clients’ sentiments (I know lawyers don’t use their legal acumen for their own sake, because there is nobody to pay for it)

Good Read: TRUST = Character + Competence

TRUST = Character + Competence



  • intent
  • integrity
  • caring
  • honesty
  • transparency
  • fairness
  • openness
  • authenticity



  • capability
  • results
  • skills
  • reputation
  • knowledge
  • capability
  • experience
  • performance

Thought for The Day

8th August 2018

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