माझा आवडता ऋतू …

This blog idea came to my mind after reading Ramana Sir's blog "Favorite Time Of The Year."and wanted to share my thoughts on the same. I prefer to write it in Marathi. "तुझा सगळ्यात आवडता XXX कोणता?" ह्या साच्याचे प्रश्न आपण नेहेमीच ऐकतो. मी "arranged marriage" नावाच्या दिव्यातून अनेक वर्षे गेल्यामुळे अशा प्रकारचे प्रश्न खूपदा सोडवले... Continue Reading →

Compounding Is The Eighth Wonder Of The World

Saw this interesting message on Twitter. Forgot to note the person who posted it and now I cannot find him. Will update once I find. --------------------------------------------------- Attached list has names arranged in descending order of best CAGR returns in recorded investing history. Warren Buffet sits somewhere in middle. So why is he the most successful... Continue Reading →

Sendhil Mullainathan Wins Infosys Prize 2018

Just read this news that Harvard Prof Sendhil Mullainathan won (along with 5 others) Infosys Prize 2018 for science and research https://www.thehindu.com/sci-tech/science/six-professors-win-infosys-prize-2018-for-science-and-research/article25483977.ece I had watched Sendhil's TED talk and had liked it a lot! There are many economists of late who write and talk about behavioral economics, cognitive biases and nudge. This one is also... Continue Reading →

विनोद: मँनेजमेंट एक्सपर्ट आणि त्याची बायको

एका मँनेजमेंट एक्सपर्टने आपली बायको आशावादी आहे की निराशावादी हे पाहण्यासाठी अर्धा भरलेला पाण्याचा ग्लास तिच्या समोर ठेवला ... आणि विचारले: "ह्या ग्लासाकडे पाहिल्यावर तुला काय वाटतं?" तर ती म्हणाली: "पाणी पिऊन झालं असेल तर ग्लास विसळून जागेवर ठेवा !" ना आशावादी ना निराशावादी...फक्त वादावादी!

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